Be A Starr

Listening to the teacher, the wheels in my head started to turn. I could almost see it all happening. I picked up that pencil and I started to write. It would be a long hour before I stopped. When it was finished, I had written my first story called, “The Vanishing Children.” It was a […]

To Belong

Back in the day on Thursday nights, you could find me watching one of the greatest shows ever called,  “Cheers”.  I realize I am dating myself with this one but go with it. Cheers was a show about a retired ball player who bought a bar and those who frequented it or worked in it. […]

A Call To Action

Forgive me if I ramble a bit on this one. My emotions like so many others are all over the place this week thanks to our Election Day. My mind is spinning from different things I have read on social media from both sides. I have watched people cry, anger take over, and protesting going […]

When Love Finds You

Whenever I had a crush on someone, I was one of those girls that would write my name with the boy’s last name just to see how it would look when we were married. It didn’t matter if ten years old was too young. Or 14, 15, or 16 for that matter. By 19, I […]

A Voice

The class went back and forth for what seemed like forever. Finally, the news was delivered. I was to represent our fifth grade class for the position of secretary in our student office election. One question that remained was who would be my opponent? I found out later at lunch as I hurried to tell […]

The Day Before

This has been an intense time in our country’s history. Perhaps we will look back on it a day from now, a year from now, or four years from now to say it made the America stronger. Time will tell. You have picked up some things from our conversations while we watched skits, commercials, and […]

No Politics At The Dinner Table

Tomorrow on Election Day, results will come in and our lives will be forever changed. Or will they? I have to admit that I am with the majority of people who say they are sick of this election. Although I have managed to stay up for Saturday Night Live for the first time in a […]

About A Boy

   The second I heard your heartbeat for the very first time, I think my own stopped for just a second. I have been in love with you since that pregnancy test came back positive. I remember going into labor with you like it was yesterday and not five years ago. It was a long […]

About A Girl

You were the easiest baby. Most of the time you were sleeping. We would put you to bed early and you would sleep late. We were grateful for such an easy baby since we had your older brother to entertain as well. Your smile lit up our world. I never liked pink much until you […]

Blowing Out Hot Air

It was another night of staying up too late to get something done.  When I stepped into the building that day, I was ready. There were no circles under my eyes because it was many years before parenthood would bring that into play. My legs moved fast to get me where I needed to go. […]