Blowing Out Hot Air

It was another night of staying up too late to get something done.  When I stepped into the building that day, I was ready. There were no circles under my eyes because it was many years before parenthood would bring that into play. My legs moved fast to get me where I needed to go. […]

Once Upon A Time

The pencil scribbled across the paper. To this day, I have no idea what I was writing. She called everyones attention to look up and over. Then, made the introductions as if it was the greatest thing in the world. I know that once upon a time it was. It must have been cold based […]

Jail Break

Moving as close to the wall as I could, I dared myself to finally look at what I was supposed to be watching yet avoiding at the same time. They yelled things at us. Some just watched. Their eyes were full of emotions yet some with nothing at all as they waited for us to […]

Bringing The Magic Back

The blank screen stared back at me for weeks. I would approach it, thinking this would be the day. In some deranged way, it felt like the computer was tormenting me. Getting up. pacing around the room, and finally sitting back down thinking I was ready. I would hit a couple of keys then delete […]

The Kid Olympics: A Parents Dream

Let’s face it. Our kids have ambition but it’s usually at times that are never convenient for us. What if we upped the stakes a bit and created an Olympics to motivate them to actually get it together for the sanity of us parents? Here are some medal ideas for our favorite little people. Who […]

Today’s Vocabulary Lesson: Bad Mom

There is a lot of hype about the “Bad Mom” movie that recently came out. Over the weekend, I went to see it with some mom friends. The movie got a lot of laughs out of us, some moments that we found hardly believable, and ones that we saw ourselves in. It all begins with […]

In The Blink Of An Eye

I blinked. And I must have blinked for a really long time because here we are. My first child is going to kindergarten. I spoke that sentence out loud so many times this past month that I have lost count. Everyone wants to know how he is feeling and how I am feeling. There are […]

Being Me

I can still picture myself sitting there and wishing the walls would just somehow hide me. No such luck. He grabbed my hand to pull me up and started to walk dragging me behind when he came to a sudden stop. He wanted to know why my hand was so sweaty. MORTIFIED. That’s what I […]

Heading For The Dorm Life

Going away to college had no appeal for me. Too many things about the idea stressed me out. So here I am at 41 going away to college for the weekend and staying in the dorms. And I am still stressed about the dorm part. The reason I am going is for a blog conference. […]

Jumping Off Square One

As teachers, one of our favorite things to ask the little ones is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Do you remember what your answer was the first time? Other times? My answer in first grade was to be a teacher. Later that year, it was to be a newspaper reporter. […]