A Case Of The Randoms

One of the best things about being a teacher is sharing some really memorable moments in my life. Children always get a kick out of the fact that teachers were once children too. During my first year of teaching, I was referencing Twinkies…you know the Hostess treat. At some point while I was speaking,  I […]

Racing Thoughts Of A Modern Day Mommy

Wake up after only a few hours of sleep. Make coffee. Feed kids. Forget coffee. Make breakfast for kids. Find coffee. Don’t drink coffee. Someone needs more milk. Steal five minutes to take a shower. Can’t find the coffee. Kids laughing. Kids fighting. WHERE IS THE DAMN COFFEE!?Diaper change. Everyone get dressed. Find my coffee. […]

Pass the Gravy (but not the turkey kind)

I proudly told my first boyfriend back in the day that I loved to eat Chef Boyardee raviolis. Wrong statement to make when you are talking to a 100% Italian. He was horrified to say the least and insisted I come over for some real cooking. So, I went over for Sunday dinner. While the […]

Tis’ The Season For It All

  I am a sucker for romance movies. We have finally hit that time of year where Hallmark and Lifetime start to play the Christmas ones non stop. I have to admit though, I am pretty sure I watched a few back in the summer. There is just something about two people who have some […]

For The Kids

It’s funny how new friendships are created in my world these days. I know many parents can relate. There are social outings I have been on just because “the kids should play together”. It is an awesome thing to see that not only the kids are having fun but for us parents are as well.  […]

Parade Of First Moments

  His eyes grew so big at the very sight of the first balloon. Sitting on his daddy’s shoulders, he pointed and laughed as they came down the street. It was an exceptionally warm day for Thanksgiving Day in November. It was surprising how early they had been able to get here. The night had […]

Remembering When

Life had not always been easy. She grew up in a loving home but where everyone  was always working hard. Family was important. She truly believed that. One day, she couldn’t wait to have a family of her own. She was young when she met “the one”. They married, bought a house, and had the […]

Fast Pitch 4

You could hear the crowd cheering a mile away. When she pulled up, it became so loud that she hesitated before getting out of the car. But a promise had been made that this was going to happen no matter what. It was time. Heading over, it was dark enough that she could stay in […]

Eyes of Promise

It was that first feeling of helplessness that sent her into a panic. The worry took over her mind and her heart was tied up in knots. There were no next steps that she could see. How does one get to be so alone and surrounded by so many at the same time? One night […]

The Chill In The Air

It started out like any passionate relationship I suppose…a forbidden one. There is just something about secrecy and things that you cannot have which makes it all the more exciting. Plus I was young and when one is young and in love, well you know. We find ways. Stolen glances across the room. A quick […]