What Is Your Christmas Story?

The opening chords started to play and the voices lifted up into the night in a perfect harmony. It began with the classics because the very best is always the first place to start. We all watched as if we were in a trance as the chorus came together. Oh tidings of comfort and joy. […]

The Santa Wait

 I thought I was being smart when I planned the Santa visit for Sunday morning. You see, we live in the bible belt so I thought that almost everyone would still be at church. WRONG. They probably all went to Saturday services or something because there everyone was on line with a current 3 hour […]

In December

When she walked in, I was sitting in a chair looking like my usual stressed out self. “How’s it going”,  she asked. I didn’t answer. She already knew. “Don’t worry. Tomorrow is December and in December, everything will be good. You will see.” With a hug and a wave, she was out the door. Driving […]

Blogging Is Cheaper Than Therapy

30 days of blogging. This is what I have accomplished this month in addition to all the other things I do in my life. I went from the ultimate writers block to full speed ahead. I bet I could even go another month if I wanted to! If I wanted to… Part of me really […]

The Other Side Of The Desk

I approached the desk with a lot of hesitation. A nervous smile was planted on my face. Sitting down, the tiny desk didn’t faze me. That’s something I was very familiar with.  What I was not used to was the side I was sitting on. Today, I was sitting on the other side of the […]

Remembering Abraham

For many years, I worked at Staples. It was my first job and shhhhh… don’t tell my current bosses but probably my favorite. I loved working retail and doing different things. The best part was the people I worked with and the unique customers we came across. This blog post is dedicated to the memory […]

Glare Of The Holiday Lights

Before the turkey had even digested, holiday lights were twinkling in my neighborhood. There were new Santa blow ups and more candy cane lights than ever. No problem. It was a beautiful day so hubby went out to hang up our own lights. After being the last ones to put them up last year, our […]

Fur Baby Love

Growing up we were that family who would always pet sit the dogs but never had one of our own. I always wanted a dog. Now that I know what it is like to clean up after two little ones and a husband , that dream is far from happening anytime soon. After a couple […]

Undefined Moments

There are these moments in life that can be so simple yet matter the most. As you know, we live in North Carolina and the majority of our family lives in New York. For Thanksgiving, my parents came to visit us. It is always awesome when the visit. Hubby and I get breaks, extra sleep, […]

Giving Karma Thanks

Karma. The whole idea of what goes around, comes around. We use it to make sense of things that happen. Usually it’s the bad stuff. When something bad occurs, we wonder if it was because of something we did in a past life or if it was something someone did, we can’t wait for karma […]