The Sweetest Moments

I tiptoed up the stairs and opened the door to his room expecting to find a sleeping 4 year old. His head popped up and he was all smiles. My heart melted. It had been a rough evening. We had put him to bed early because he was just having way too many issues and […]

The Accomplished Staycation

This was the staycation where hubby worked and the kids went to day care for half days. It was perfect for much needed “me” time and for getting things done (finally!), around the house. Here’s what really happened. I saved Target. That’s right. It was in an economic crisis and I had to help by […]

Not This Picky Girl’s Last Rodeo

Trucks and trucks full of all different types of food. Sounds like fun, right? Not so much for a picky eater. There are very few things if any that I find to eat at these functions. Over the weekend, I went to a food truck rodeo. I was hoping that if there wasn’t some cuisine […]

The Way We Are

Have you looked at how you have changed through the years? Do you find yourself feeling older because people around you (especially little ones) are changing so much? Are you proud of your accomplishments?Do you take the time to be appreciative of them? Do you value friendships? Are you happy with where you are in […]

The Summer I Dated My Friends

There are many definitions of dating but they all involve the goal of getting to a romance.  Dating is when two people, spend time together getting to know one another. Dating is the early stages of something serious. Everything is new, spontaneous, and fun. In romantic relationships, many couples wish they could go back to […]

A Picture Guide to Flying with Kids

Going to the airport to take a plane trip with kids is probably one of the most craziest experiences of parenthood. It can be hit or miss depending on the age range. There are tricks and different ways to entertain the wild ones and keep them amused. Here are a few “useful” tips using pictures […]

Warning: Kindergarten Ahead

Lately, thanks to Facebook I have had a few good laughs reading questions moms have been posting about their kids beginning kindergarten. I laughed until it hit me, my son will be there in one year. Whaaaaaat??!!! Okay, I did the math and it’s true. Preschool this year and he will be set to go […]

Magical Memories of Summers Long Ago

Our Field of Dreams I used to think that if I had the power to go back in time, I would spend it changing my mistakes. I no longer think that. If I could go back in time, I would pull up a front row seat and watch any summer of my childhood. The best […]

The Not So Extreme Adventures in Paddle Boarding

So, being that this was the year I was going to try things outside my comfort zone (but not way too outside), my friend Andiswa, came up with a great idea. We should try stand up paddle boarding!  After figuring out when and where, we were signed up and ready to learn. The morning arrived […]

Moms at the Park (What types have you met?)

  It was a beautiful sunny day when I took my 17 month old to play at the park. There were a few other moms there. Everyone was happily talking and doing their thing. I got to listen in on a few conversations and make small talk here and there. It is one of 3 […]