When The Band Aid Comes Off

Her wobbly legs were just getting used to the motion of walking when I noticed her picking up a little speed. In her excitement, she held out her arms to me. Faster and faster she moved. Then, almost as if the next few seconds passed in slow motion, her little legs went out from under. The hard cement hit those legs hard.

Before I could even reach my daughter, she looked up and called my name as she sobbed.

Picking her up, I spoke quietly into her ear until her breathing had slowed down and she was able to stop crying. We went inside and I put the band aids on her knees as I kissed the boo boos to make them all better.

From that day on, anything that went wrong could be fixed by a band aid.

Her brother wouldn’t play with her? No problem. She got an Elsa band aid.

Her milk spilled all over? No problem. There was a Paw Patrol band aid for that.

Her teacher said she fell coming off the slide but was okay. My sweet girl came running up to me and proudly showed off her smiley face band aid.

In our house you will find all kinds because they make everything better.


I remember being that girl my daughter is. Her eyes light up as she knows no fear and seeks out the next adventure. Her laughter fills the air as she runs around playing with her baby dolls without a care in the world.

There will come a time. No… many times where the world will hurt my baby. She will learn about the ups and downs of friendships, disappointments, and heartbreak.

All of the band aids I have put in place to keep her spirit going will be ripped off at some point.  I know this all too well.

The joys and anxiety of having a daughter never cease to amaze me. I hope when she has a problem that I can still be there for her.

But for now, I watch as my little three year old jumps as high as she can on that trampoline and attempts to stand on her head. She pedals her bike with training wheels faster and I wonder, when did her wobbly legs get so strong? She is tall as she runs confidently towards me.

Her falls happen less and less.

And yet every time I am in the store, I find myself in the band aid section stocking up just in case.

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Welcome to craziness. Can you relate?


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