Tuesday Surprise

I rushed in with the bag and my brother practically jumping up and down yelling at me to open it. He was excited about the cookies but it was the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and cool whip that brought the smile to my face.

My mom always bought Nestle Quik to make mine but this was different. I was instructed to make it not with the hot water but with hot milk instead to have the ultimate hot chocolate.

My best friend was right.


Every Tuesday night when we were little, our moms would be at the lanes with their bowling leagues. We were those typical friends that liked the food more at each other’s houses than our own. So we came up with a concept where we would put a few treats in a brown paper bag and exchange it in the hallway of our apartment building that we lived in.

What was in it would be a surprise.

Tuesday surprises were a highlight of our week. We even added a note on the bag or inside to make it even happier.

Isn’t it amazing what brings joy in our youth?

We grew up in a neighborhood that was the stuff childhood dreams were made of. We didn’t have houses with backyards but we had a field, kids to play with, and so much drama to keep up with. At times, we could have taken a page or two out of The Goonies screenplay. Many friendships have had their ups and downs. Ours is no different. Yet so many years later, we still have that connection.

Today, both of us have kids of our own. Life has brought the happy, the sad, the crazy, and we live too many states apart but every so often this friend pops in my head and I send a text saying hi. She does the same. Other times we send each other funny stuff. Stuff that only the oldest and dearest of friends would know you could laugh at for the longest time.

It leaves me nostalgic for doorbell ringing days and brown bags full of surprises.

  Big hair…don’t care! Hahaha…she is going to kill me when she sees I have posted this picture. Long live the 90’s! (or not!)

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    Interesting how thinking of certain foods or treats can bring back so many memories. Sharing food with our friends and family is so important. And I love the friends from my childhood who shared so many of those early memories with me. Isn’t it great to connect with them and know they still get you?

  2. says

    That exchanging of treats is a really cool concept. It was make an excellent backstory for two characters in a screenplay to explain why they are such close friends, and why they still do a similar exchange in their adulthood.

    Hmmm…now you’ve got my creative juices flowing. 🙂

  3. says

    I have three friends that I’ve kept since I was 7 and I wouldn’t change them for the world. Is it three? No, sorry, two friends since 7 and one since 19. I believe there’s only one or two friends in your life that will be there forever. Those are true friends 🙂

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    That sounded like a fun treat between friends. It’s good to have such long-time friends. I have one from middle school that lives several states away, but when we see each other, we just pick up from where we were.

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    That is such a great idea and sounds so fun! Also I LOVE Swiss Miss hot chocolate. I hate American chocolate. I don’t know what you guys do to your chocolate, but it is not right! Not at all. Yet, for some reason, you have the best hot chocolate. It’s weird! Virtually impossible to find Swiss Miss over here, sadly!

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    I ADORE this post, and not just because my hair is almost still that big on humid days! I still have my best friend from childhood and we did many nutty things together, but I wish we’d known to add the Tuesday surprise tradition to he mix. What a fun idea! Just a delightful post, Stacey! XO

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