Sibling Score!

Laying in the playpen, I clutched my baby doll close to me. The room was dark and my grandparents were fast asleep. I knew that the next day everything would change.

And it did.

My brother was born in late December making us three years apart. We grew up in New York with parents who wondered what they did to deserve kids like us. It was a mixture of all things awesome with karma intertwined. They may have a different take.

Growing up, we played with all of the neighborhood kids. My brother was competitive. The type that did not take losing well. My favorite memories are those of my mom dragging him by the ear as he turned red and yelled at everyone who had gotten in his way of winning. It was quite entertaining to an older sister.

Honestly, looking back I hardly blame him. The kid was good at all things sports related. Probably better than good. It was hardly his fault if everyone didn’t play up to his standards. Yes, you did read that with a bit of sarcasm.

   We fought ALL THE TIME. I was that sneaky typical older sister. Usually I was one step ahead of him until he finally caught on to my ways and then it became like an episode of Survivor…outwit and outlast. Now, that I see it through a parents eyes with two kids of my own, I know it’s only a matter of time before I really can appreciate all that my mom and dad put up with.

Then it got better.

Somewhere around college and high school, we became a team.

A brother turned into a best friend of sorts. He was the one who was there when things were crappy and life kind of unraveled. He could take his sarcasm and humor to make me smile.

Most of all, I knew there was always someone by my side.

Things change when people get older. I moved away. He married and has two kids of his own. We don’t see each other as much and that pretty much sucks. It is awesome to see our kids play together and I wish there was more time for that.

But when I am back at home and we are sitting around the dinner table reliving old stories with my parents, it is as if all the moments come back and my heart is full. We could sit around all day and tell the best stories of back in the day…. ones that are just too cool to blog about and have to be told in person.

Facebook has some crazy national sibling day going on. I can never keep up with these days but my brother is someone I am forever grateful for.

One week until my birthday!!! This post is sure to bring tears to my parents eyes who will really get me a good birthday present and for my brother who may get me an even cooler one.

PS) I am the real #4.

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    My brother and I fought nearly the whole time we lived together and the year he was a senior in HS it was like a switch flipped and suddenly we were friends. I was sad anticipating his departure for college and once he was gone I missed him so much! And we were very close from then on. Sibling relationships are definitely special and even though my brother irritated the heck out of me for most of my younger years I’m sure glad I have him in my life. He has had some serious health problems in the last few years and I’m grateful he is alive and well today. You and your brother are adorable!

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    My sister and I are only a year and a half apart, but we have never been close. We are too entirely different people, and I’m pretty sure aliens ditched her on our doorstep to raise her when she was a baby…

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    I love my brothers, I wish we were closer in age. I was more the mother figure, and less the fun sister. It was awesome and not so awesome all in one. Even in adulthood I have a different connection between the two, the age gap serves a big part in that. I’m hoping as they finally hit adulthood that things will change…

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    I’ve never had any brothers or sisters. This was really nice to read. All my friends that have had siblings work together as a team now but as kids fought like cat and dog

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    My brothers were older than me, so I have the scars to prove it. But at my back, they always were. Even though I was pesky younger sister who always wanted to do everything they did.

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    This is lovely! I would have quite liked to have a brother as well as a sister. My sister was born in December too – she came home from hospital on Christmas Day!

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    What a sweet, and funny post. I always wished that I’d had a brother, but I had to make do with two bossy older sisters. it sounds like you got a good one, competitive spirit and all. Plus, from the looks of your wedding photo, he is cutie!

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