Sunburned ( A Collection of Tales)

My brother and I saw my mom get up before we could move fast enough. She was armed with the dreaded sunscreen that we both hated the smell of and even worse couldn’t stand it on us. I glared at my brother who never even burned out in the sun. He was always tan like […]

What Next?

I wake up unable to catch my breath. It was the same nightmare I have had on and off for the past two weeks. The details vary but the underlying message is there. I know what is bothering me and starting to weigh heavily on my heart. What to do next? How many of us […]

Burning Brighter

“You are even older than my daddy!!!!” “You are way older than my mommy too!” This is what happened when I shared with my first grade class how old I am turning. Gone are the days where I was so much younger than the kids parents and had yet to be a mom myself. Sometimes […]

Tuesday Surprise

I rushed in with the bag and my brother practically jumping up and down yelling at me to open it. He was excited about the cookies but it was the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and cool whip that brought the smile to my face. My mom always bought Nestle Quik to make mine but this […]

Sibling Score!

Laying in the playpen, I clutched my baby doll close to me. The room was dark and my grandparents were fast asleep. I knew that the next day everything would change. And it did. My brother was born in late December making us three years apart. We grew up in New York with parents who […]