The Snake Charmer

The sound of laughter came from the swing my 3 year old daughter had just managed to climb onto. I smiled at her silliness and looked over at where my son was playing with his friend.

It was beautiful outside. Life was perfect in my backyard at that moment. But as you know when you are reading something, nothing is perfect.

But we didn’t quite expect what was coming either.

My friend started walking across the yard. Her little one was running all over the grass in the zig zag way that most toddlers do.

And that is when my heart stopped.

Okay, so it was after my friend yelled over to me that I have a snake in my yard but you know.


My heart stopped.

I wish I could tell you that I was calm but snakes are my biggest fear besides eating grits since I moved to North Carolina. There had yet to be a time where I actually spotted one in my yard even though I was always convinced they were watching me like some kind of spy club.

But I freaked and kind of panicked ESPECIALLY when I got closer and saw she wasn’t joking.

There was THE BIGGEST snake EVER. Okay so maybe she mentioned it was a baby and only 10 inches long but in that moment, you know…


My amazing friend took charge. She grabbed a stick and our bubbles container and tried to rope it in. That sucker was fast and tricky. By this time, the two big kids were standing on patio chairs and I had both the little ones in my arms. Did I mention I had no shoes on???

She tried and tried as I watched on in horror. Then, the unthinkable happened.

The snake got away.

She was determined to get it. I decided it was a better choice for me to go inside and do some diaper changing. I couldn’t handle life anymore at that point. I wasn’t even thinking that I left my other kid out there. What kind of mother am I now that I am reflecting???!!!!!

We came back a couple of minutes later. Wearing a proud smile, my friend declared she had captured the snake and threw him to the other side of the gate.

And like the good friend I am, I truly believed her even if she may have just been saying that. Lets pretend she wasn’t or if she did, that the snake will not be back at all.

Meanwhile my friend with her new snake charmer talents decided to comb my yard for others. Maybe she learned parseltongue from Harry Potter?

It wasn’t until much later that her husband suggested to her that it could have been a baby copperhead which we all know around here to be the worst thanks to their uncontrollable venom.

UGH I can’t believe this. I JUST CAN’T. THERE IS NO WAY.  (Sorry. Having a moment.)

My snake charmer friend is on speed dial. She rocks.

For now, I am rocking my rainboots while strolling my yard as I call my insurance company to casually inquire about coverage on a  burning house.

Any ideas about what to do?? Anyone?? This post was based on real life events.

Most of it was true but I can’t remember it all in the order it happened because well because I am still traumatized.Special thanks to my amazing friend Lisa for always having charm when it is needed the most!

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    This is why I can’t live in a warm climate. Bears, moose, coyotes are nothing compared to venomous snakes! We have garter snakes here in Maine and that is about all I can handle. I’m traumatized just reading your story, Stacey. Ewwwwww!

  2. says

    That would have freaked me out!

    Luckily, snakes don’t like snow, so I’m safe from them and their Slitheren brethren up here in Maine! 🙂

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    “There had yet to be a time where I actually spotted one in my yard even though I was always convinced they were watching me like some kind of spy club.” I have felt the same way since moving to Florida…well except mine is over alligators. eek!

    You will have to host a “Honey I shrunk The Kids” Style search party. Remember with the helmets hanging from the sheets so they didn’t step on the grass?! It would be awesome and nostalgic all in one. Pictures please if it happens! 😉

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    I’d be traumatised too. I’ve never seen a wild snake before, and If I did I’d be running VERY far away!! Luckily in the UK the only thing we have here is adders and they live in the wild! 🙂

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    The joys of Copperhead snakes. We have them here in Connecticut too. A garden hoe is a useful tool. It chops. I had to learn that as a child because there was a lot of construction going on nearby (including blasting) and those darned snakes just wanted to come into our yard. Now that construction is over, we don’t see them…as much.

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    Oh no! I also dislike snakes and would be really scared to live somewhere that has proper dangerous ones. Copperhead is one of the ones used for the names of the Deadly Viper Assassins in Kill Bill, right? That is how I know if I snake is bad – if one of the women in Kill Bill was called it, it’s bad!

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