Another Time. Another Place.

It was a morning that had gone by in a blur. Checking the mirror, I tried to flatten down my hair the best I could. Glancing back in the rearview, I could see the kids starting to get on each other’s nerves and I knew time was running out before my sanity was gone for the morning. By the end of the short 5 minute drive to daycare, I was rushing kids out of the car while throwing my hair up in a ponytail.

There are only so many battles to choose in the morning.

Back in the car and ready to go only I left my coffee on the table.  I didn’t even know what to think anymore.

Commercial after commercial. I fiddled with the radio as I followed the traffic on my way to work. Then, I heard something familiar. My fingers on the dial almost missed it but another second later and I was sure.

The song.

The one that brought me back to a time and a place where my friends and I would make plans for the night. The kind of night that wouldn’t even begin until practically the next day. We would talk about what we were going to wear and how we would get the guys attention.Our laughter always filled the room as we ordered drinks and looked around wondering what the night was going to bring.

Excitement. Energy.

The song played on and somehow got louder.

Singing along and remembering the way we all danced out on that floor while people watched us. We had everything and so much going for us. One day, we were going to rule the world.

One day turned into never.

Friendships that were forgotten a long time ago as we all moved in new directions.

Remembering how young I was and dare I say a lot more prettier and put together than now?

I self consciously touch my ponytail as I get lost in thought.

The DJ’s voice came back on as my car pulled into my parking spot. Getting out, I looked down at my so called professional clothes and thought about how much had changed.

One deep breath later and I was ready to “adult” again while my heart stayed in another time and place a little bit longer.

Oh to be young again! Thanks for following me at 40 Wishes and Counting. What was your favorite throwback memory of the days where you were young and didn’t have as many cares in the world? Join in the conversation! Thank you so much for reading!


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    This happens to me ALL the time! I have a love/hate relationship with “adulting” – wish there were more opportunities to escape sometimes! If only for a few hours…

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