The Snake Charmer

The sound of laughter came from the swing my 3 year old daughter had just managed to climb onto. I smiled at her silliness and looked over at where my son was playing with his friend. It was beautiful outside. Life was perfect in my backyard at that moment. But as you know when you […]

The Wind Went Through Her

The wind pushed around her as she headed into the tunnel. Her bag grew heavier by the second and it seemed to slow her down. She trudged on. Determined and fearful at the same time, she thought back to when it all started. They had been sitting in a restaurant when the call came in. […]

Another Time. Another Place.

It was a morning that had gone by in a blur. Checking the mirror, I tried to flatten down my hair the best I could. Glancing back in the rearview, I could see the kids starting to get on each other’s nerves and I knew time was running out before my sanity was gone for […]