Once Upon A Suburban Life

When we first heard there was a possibility of it coming, we got excited. Chatter began in different groups and we waited anxiously to hear the big announcement.

It finally came after much speculation  and plans started to come together as the children played around us. Life would be so much easier.

So much.

The big date for the grand opening was finally sent out.

Our suburban neighborhood was FINALLY getting a grocery store less than 5 minutes away.

Now before you judge or stop reading, know this. Our lives are filled with running from this place to that. The majority of us have kids. Some are working moms, some stay at home. There never seems to be enough  time for everything in our daily to do. This location is going to give us some breathing room.

That’s right. It is to be celebrated. Once upon a time, I made plans of what I would wear on a big night out and who I was going to meet at the bar. Now I find myself making plans for a grocery store grand opening.

And it was awesome. It was going to be like our version of tailgating. Mimosas, free samples, and shopping.  It was all set.

My friends bailed on me. Sick kids, work commitments, school volunteering but it was my last day off from work so I took it upon myself to check things out after dropping my kids off at daycare.

In my ideal suburban dream, the kids NEVER accompany me to the grocery store. Ask any parent. It’s in everyones best interests.

Surprisingly, the parking lot was not full. Everyone was probably hiding out from the crowds on the first day. I was greeted with a cart pushed over to me, a big welcome with a smile, and even a flower.

My husband needs to come here to prep for Valentine’s Day and learn a thing or two. I jokingly asked where the chocolate was and the employee pointed me over to free cake samples.

Forget it…my husband would never be able to keep up.

I navigated around the rest of the free samples and congratulated myself on not eating breakfast that morning. The manager personally introduced himself and welcomed me. Everyone was saying hi.

It was a scene right out of a rejected Desperate Housewives episode. I loved every minute.

Everything was new, clean, and organized. Why leave to go back home where everything was the opposite?

After the FitBit (a suburban fiction story for another day) told me I hit 10,000 steps and I knew everyone by name, I figured I better checkout and leave.

But first I got a free bag to carry all my stuff in and another employee walked me to my car to put all of my groceries in for me.

Maybe I will bring my husband back for the learning experience after all.

Thanks for reading! Just so everyone knows I do not work for Publix although one of the managers in aisle 7 got to hear my fond experiences in retail and offered me a job. I would happily do it just for free samples alone but I don’t think my current bosses would approve. What surprises did suburban life bring you? If you don’t live in the suburbs does this freak you out? Feel free to share this post with your friends if you like it. Join in on the conversation over at the following:

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    The struggle is real. Man Publix, why can I never navigate their aisles. I spent at least 45 minutes trying to find a can of Manwich…a flippin’ can of Manwich. I finally opted with the option that they didn’t stock it and left empty handed.

    Their produce though…UNBEATABLE!!!

  2. says

    That is the one thing I miss the most since I moved away from my native area. Proper grocery stores to shop at instead of mom and pop grocery stores that don’t offer as much. Congrats to you!

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