Unexpected Delivery

It was going to be a really long day. I can’t remember how I ended up working from open until close but such is the life of one in retail.

To be honest, it didn’t bother me at all. One, I loved my job and two… there was nowhere else to be that night.

Especially if I knew deep down it would be me sitting in my bedroom with a box of chocolates I bought for myself watching some romantic movie and crying my eyes out.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Only there was no significant other.

I closed my eyes shutting the memories out. It was my own doing anyway and moving on was what I was finally getting good at.

Except for maybe today.

My team got started stocking the shelves with inventory brought in that morning. The cashiers got their registers ready as they talked about their plans for later that night.  Unlocking the doors, I happily greeted the early arrivers.

The day began.

One regular customer joked with me about my romantic plans for later. Laughing him off, I walked away and found another distraction while I thought about what kind of food I could order in. At least I didn’t have to worry about dressing up for a night out. That was always such a pain.

Morning turned into afternoon and shifts changed.

The first arrival was truly breathtaking. So many roses blooming that all of us gathered around in awe as we watched her open the card. She blushed and went to call her boyfriend.

“Do you miss him on days like this?”,  asked one of my favorite people to work with. I knew deep down some friends were still worried about me.

It took me a minute to answer but it never changed no matter how many times I was asked.

“No”, I replied.

It sounded believable.

More flowers arrived and it seemed romance was truly in the air although to be honest, it smelled more like chocolate and hope.

Afternoon turned into night and we started to get ready for closing. My team was in a rush to get out of there. Big night and all.

Excusing myself from helping a customer I finally answered a page that had been repeating a couple of times. Walking up to the counter, I saw a delivery man. He handed me the long white box and disappeared out the door.

I could feel so many eyes on me as surprise came over me.

Curious, I slowly opened the box to the most beautiful roses EVER in my favorite color, yellow. They were long stemmed and if I close my eyes, I can still smell them. My heart fluttered and a million thoughts ran through my head as I wondered.

Shaking just slightly, I pulled out the card and read it. I turned around slowly…

And went to hug all of the guys on my team who just wanted to tell me that love is not always one version on Valentine’s Day.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it a big deal?

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Thank you so much for reading!!! Love, Stacey


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    We actually got married on Valentine’s Day—so it makes it easy to remember our anniversary!!
    We don’t make a big deal of it though—we’re too old for that! And we hate the crowds! But we do laugh and say how nice that everyone celebrates our anniversary so publically!!

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