The Silence Of Our Words

A little girl once told her friend she was scared her family may have to move back to their country. She had no one to talk to about it.

One month ago, a man my age shared that he just couldn’t trust her because of all the damage that had been done. He couldn’t share with anyone because so many were voting for her.

A kind friend stayed up all night wondering what would happen to her children and if her marriage would be upheld. Who could she talk to about this?

A beaten down mother’s words were angry as she said her family barely lived paycheck to paycheck and needed change to happen so desperately. She also felt she didn’t have a voice in today’s government.

My newsfeed is full of people with opinions that are so strong and no one is listening anymore to anything that differs from their own views. Lines have been drawn.

The people have spoken by a popular vote.

The numbers have been counted by an electoral process.

One person will take that oath.

His words and actions have been downright destructive in a world that is already filled with so much uncertainty.

The people plan.

Marches have been planned. Reporters have been turned away for seeking answers.

Do the questions even matter anymore?

Where do we go from here? How do we ensure that America will be okay?

Change is hard even in the best of circumstances. Who will reassure us? Will he somehow manage to do it despite all that has been said?

My children get ready for bed. I look at their faces and hope like many parents that the world we live in will somehow do right by them. Many of us are very scared these days.

Everyone is coming from somewhere different and have their reasons for what kind of world they want.

One day there will be a call to action by standing by what is right or speaking up when we are most afraid.

We wait. We watch.

The silence of our words can be deafening.


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    I think we need unity more than ever now…and I’m not seeing allot of it. :/ Like you said everyone’s scared of their voice, not just Trump. That’s because we aren’t supporting each other. Support starts with our neighbors, let’s start there.

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    I too look at my children and hold onto the hope that things will get better, that they are never scared to be whoever they grow up to be. No more silence, though. We proved on Saturday that we will ring loud.

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    I’m really terrified, by events in both Britain and America. & feel really helpless. In both countries, there just seem to be all these people supporting things that are demonstrably both untrue and dangerous, but they aren’t even remotely interested in the truth, and I don’t really know what anyone can do with that. It can be dealt with when you have sane, reasonably principled leaders, who are prepared to just push on with doing what is right and sensible (like Merkel does), but we haven’t had that for some time here & you just lost that with Obama! I can deal with people being ignorant, but this willful ignorance we are seeing now angers and scares me. People are being deliberately stupid and refusing to look at actual facts because it suits their prejudices, and I just think that is shameful. I’m losing patience to make excuses that people are just misguided, etc any more. On the plus side, there is also the good side of humanity – the people who are trying to fight back and take care of others – but I just don’t see much hope right now. The good side feels powerless.

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    Wow, this is really touching( and worrying). Even us here in Europe are really concerned about the future with all these things going on in the Us and what does all that mean for international relationships? The whole world is out of order, look at all these terror attacks happening almost every other day. Will there ever will be peace?

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