The Santa Wait

 I thought I was being smart when I planned the Santa visit for Sunday morning. You see, we live in the bible belt so I thought that almost everyone would still be at church.


They probably all went to Saturday services or something because there everyone was on line with a current 3 hour wait.

Enter expletives that I was not allowed to say out loud in front of the children.

So, we went with Plan B…head to the mall even if it meant paying for our pictures. The shorter line had to be worth it, right??


So there we were, with not too bad of a line since we got there before the big man arrived but it was quickly filling up very fast.

  The observations during a wait for Santa can be very entertaining.

  • Let’s talk outfits. The plaid!! I have never seen so much plaid before. Okay…maybe back in the 90s but wow. Bonus points to the parents who get matching outfits for everyone.

  • How many prayers are silently going up that the kids do not have to all of a sudden need to go to the bathroom?
  • Gotta love the rookie parents where it’s baby’s first time. They are plugging them full of snacks and pleading with them to just smile one time for Santa. ONE TIME.
  • While waiting, my 5 year old asked no fewer than a million questions about when Santa was coming and where his reindeer were. I saw that older kids eyebrows go up when I said the reindeer were parked on the roof. I gave him dagger looks so he wouldn’t dare argue.
  • For just a portion of your child’s life savings, you can buy digital prints today, wallet pictures, and even key chain ones.
  • Random thought: A really cool drinking game would be taking a drink every time a kid cries with Santa. At this point in line, we probably all could use a drink.

  • The stress on each parents face as we all try and entertain the kids while we wait.
  • The moment of truth…when it is finally your turn and you hope these kids get through it. There is nothing like the expression on a child’s face who is really excited to meet Santa. Priceless. Which makes the whole Santa wait worth it. At least for us this time anyway. Kudos to the parents of the crying baby behind us who laughed at the whole experience.

Making memories. Tis the season.

Sorry mom for being that kid on Santa’s lap. Thanks all for following me at 40 Wishes and Counting.

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Love, Stacey


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