In December

When she walked in, I was sitting in a chair looking like my usual stressed out self. “How’s it going”,  she asked.

I didn’t answer. She already knew.

“Don’t worry. Tomorrow is December and in December, everything will be good. You will see.” With a hug and a wave, she was out the door.

Driving home, I began to notice all of the holiday lights. They made everything look so pretty and jolly. Jolly? Does anyone even use that word anymore?

In December, I suppose they still do.

My son greeted me at the door excited to tell me about his day. We curled up on the couch and watched our tree with all of the ornaments. I smiled while remembering that special teacher one I got. There is nothing like one from that very first year with my name on it. I was SO excited and I think of that kid each time it goes at the top. Later that night, we lit the Chanukah candles as we do in our family and my husband tried to teach the little one how to say the prayer.

I rubbed my belly with every kick I felt. This girl was going to be a gymnast the way she was going.

The next day at work, we turned the calendar to the new month. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we made hot chocolate, wore pajamas on a special day, and laughed a lot. We ate the most delicious fudge from my friend’s mom who sent it in. I was especially thankful for it because I wasn’t able to go home to get my mom’s own special fudge that year.

The Christmas songs played and we counted the days down until the big day because that’s what you do in December.

One year later, I walked in the door to find my friends hanging around. “December is coming you know!!” Our eyes lit up and we all talked about that magical month which seemed so long ago. This year was going to be different. We were going to wear tutus and race in a jingle bell run. One of us was amazing and the other two dragged each other through it but made it for our first and most likely only run.

Santa said we were good that year.

Throughout that month, we were all hoping for good things each reflecting on the stage of life we were in but there was one thing for sure-

We all had each other.

In December, that is the best present of all.

334 days go by and we are back in another December. As much as we take time to enjoy it all, we know things are rushed and busy. The lights flicker in the background and we hum along to the music as we think of all the things that have to get done. So much has changed. One friend looks at her 7 month old and laughs when she talks about that race that no; we will not be trying again this year. My kid starts writing a letter to Santa while the other rearranges the ornaments on the tree. We all smile and think about the fudge that could be coming anytime soon. Back at work, someone is missing and we wonder if he is somewhere by the water thinking about hot chocolate and silliness too. Perhaps that time we threw glitter around the room to make the kids laugh but were really doing it for ourselves? New friends have joined us making us feel like they have been there all along and they add to the happiness of this month.

This December, the lights come back into focus and we turn the music up with our favorite holiday songs. The dogs bark as we all dance around. We joke about pulling the tutus out as the men shake their heads. I leave the room to help myself to another drink but not the dreaded Egg Nog.

She comes up to me and smiles. “See? I told you. Everything is better in December.”

And with a hug and a wave, she goes back in.

I smile, fix my ugly sweater and join my friends who truthfully keep this month going all year.

It’s the greatest gift, you know.

Thank you so much for following me at 40 Wishes and Counting. Stay tuned for more holiday themed posts because you know…we are in December. 🙂

Love, Stacey




  1. says

    I love this. It is always better in December. Maybe because its the end of another year. Maybe because of the holidays. There’s always something poignant about this month. Lovely.

  2. says

    December is a time of expectation and hope for me which I work hard to remember through all the busyness of the season. I like how you have portrayed your delight of this month of joy, Stacey.

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