What Is Your Christmas Story?

The opening chords started to play and the voices lifted up into the night in a perfect harmony. It began with the classics because the very best is always the first place to start. We all watched as if we were in a trance as the chorus came together. Oh tidings of comfort and joy. […]

The Santa Wait

 I thought I was being smart when I planned the Santa visit for Sunday morning. You see, we live in the bible belt so I thought that almost everyone would still be at church. WRONG. They probably all went to Saturday services or something because there everyone was on line with a current 3 hour […]

In December

When she walked in, I was sitting in a chair looking like my usual stressed out self. “How’s it going”,  she asked. I didn’t answer. She already knew. “Don’t worry. Tomorrow is December and in December, everything will be good. You will see.” With a hug and a wave, she was out the door. Driving […]