Undefined Moments

There are these moments in life that can be so simple yet matter the most.

As you know, we live in North Carolina and the majority of our family lives in New York. For Thanksgiving, my parents came to visit us.

It is always awesome when the visit. Hubby and I get breaks, extra sleep, and added help. The two kids get extra grandparent time and love which being far away is so much appreciated when it is here.

Tonight, we decided to get out of the house and head for downtown Raleigh. The weather was perfect to get out and about.

Dinner at a really cool bar-restaurant was a much needed night away from the Thanksgiving leftovers not to mention the cooler beers that are not at our house.

After dinner, we decided to go for a walk. Our kids do much better when they are out and about to see new things so we like to take advantage of that. We saw ice skaters having fun minus the couple that took some really hard falls but even they were laughing. My almost 3 year old danced to the music that was playing. Both kids climbed on rails to see better. Hubby and I grabbed some coffee and we all continued on stopping for gelato at some new place that opened up. The kids laughed and hugged the grandparents.

In the spirit of being thankful, I couldn’t ask for two better parents in my life. Our crazy life probably makes their heads spin when they are here but they come anyway.

Maybe these family moments are not as simple as I said they were in the beginning. After all, they fill our hearts the most.


Thank you for reading Day 25 of my blogging challenge!!!!!! Love, Stacey @ 40 Wishes and Counting.

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