Remembering When

Life had not always been easy. She grew up in a loving home but where everyone  was always working hard. Family was important. She truly believed that. One day, she couldn’t wait to have a family of her own.

She was young when she met “the one”.

They married, bought a house, and had the kids.

Life was not perfect. Her husband was gone most of the time working hard for the family and she was the one taking care of the day to day stuff.

Still she smiled, and carried on. At night, she said her prayers.

None of this was easy but there was a lot of happiness too.  It’s strange how you get to a certain point in life and certain things become fading memories.

The kids grew up and they created lives of their own.

She continued to make the pies and all the good foods he liked but shouldn’t be up eating at 4 in the morning. He went out and played some rounds of golf. They traveled and spent time with friends.

The grandkids came to visit.

The dogs they loved kept them walking and gave them more to love.

Things were getting harder as they got older but they wouldn’t let that stop them. There was no way they would miss this.

The DJ called all the couples out onto the floor. She watched the bride dance with her husband and couldn’t believe this was her granddaughter getting married. She smiled at all of the other couples dancing. As the DJ called out different years, couple by couple started to move off  the floor until it was just the two of them.

They had been married the longest number of years out of all of the guests there. Their grins were wide and as they walked off the floor with the flowers the bride had handed them, they were beaming.

The life she had once dreamed of had come true.


Day 18? (I am really starting to lose count again) of the daily November blogging challenge. This week I am writing about fiction. This is more historical fiction based on two very special people. Below is the song that was playing when they were dancing. Enjoy! Thank you always for your support with my writing. Love, Stacey @40 Wishes and Counting


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    This reminds me of my parents who were always the last couple on the dance floor. My mother was only 17 and Dad was 22 when they got married. They celebrated their 70th anniversary the year Mom died. Not many people make it that long. Sweet story, Stacey.

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