Remembering Abraham

For many years, I worked at Staples. It was my first job and shhhhh… don’t tell my current bosses but probably my favorite. I loved working retail and doing different things. The best part was the people I worked with and the unique customers we came across.

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Abraham who I worked with for at least 5 years. I am not sure the exact number.

Abraham was a much, much older worker than most of us. He had grown kids that had long left the house. He worked every morning until about 12 when he had to go home and take care of his wife.

He was a short, gray haired, kind of grouchy type of guy. He was quick with the sarcasm and had this dry sense of humor. He could also be very kind and make good observations about people. I guess that tends to happen when your job is to hang out at front and make sure no one is stealing the batteries. He often found himself in long conversations with some of the old timers that would come in to shop.

At first, I didn’t talk to him that much but then as I started working more mornings, we started talking more and more.

His wife was at home and needed round the clock care. Someone would watch her while he got out for a few hours to work. He said he needed it just to have people to talk to. I don’t know exactly what was wrong with his wife but I know that the whole situation was really sad. He wouldn’t talk about it much and I am sure the last thing he wanted to do was talk to a college kid like me about it.

Sometime later, Abraham’s wife passed away. He packed everything up and moved to a retirement area in Florida. He was ready for sunshine and a new beginning!

He got exactly that.

We became pen pals. Abraham had found happiness in a new girlfriend and a carefree way of life. I am thinking that it had been a long time coming. We stayed in touch for a period of time and then the letters stopped.

Years later, I received an email from Abraham’s son.

His father had passed away. While going through his things, he found my letters to him and thought I would want to know. He said that his dad truly enjoyed his time in Florida and was very happy.

Every Christmas when I bring out the decorations, I take a special one out. Abraham gave it to me one Christmas just because.


It always makes me smile and remember him.

Abraham was a very special person and I am so thankful for my time with him.

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    I did – when I was doing my family research I came across a 80ish year guy named Fred in the UK who had done a name study for his wife’s family that included some of my ancestors. We weren’t related, but we corresponded regularly until one day it just stopped. He had been losing his sight and his wife had died, so I suspect he made his way into a home and eventually died. But it all happened as I was divorcing and I just didn’t follow up.

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    This is the sweetest reflection, Stacey. What a wonderful connection you made with him and he appreciated you as much as you appreciated getting to know him. Just lovely!

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    What a lovely story, Stacey. Abraham was blessed to have your friendship as you were to have his. I love it when generations at both ends of the timeline reach across the span to connect and that is what you did with Abraham.

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    I had a similar kind of co-worker when I first entered the labor force. I was this brash, smart aleck kid working at a golf course who had this guy old enough to be my grandpa take me under his wing. Before he passed he taught me how to read racing forums for the local horse track!

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