Racing Thoughts Of A Modern Day Mommy

crazy housewife in an interior of the kitchen

Wake up after only a few hours of sleep. Make coffee. Feed kids. Forget coffee. Make breakfast for kids. Find coffee. Don’t drink coffee. Someone needs more milk. Steal five minutes to take a shower. Can’t find the coffee. Kids laughing. Kids fighting. WHERE IS THE DAMN COFFEE!?Diaper change. Everyone get dressed. Find my coffee. Cold coffee. Heat coffee up. Can’t find shoes. Baby has taken her socks off. Big brother doesn’t like his shirt. MAMA NEEDS COFFEE. Find coffee. Get kids loaded up in the car. Go to get coffee. Spill coffee ALL OVER. Must change.

Take kids to day care. Leave the little one crying. The other one gives a million hugs. Check kids in. Husband forgot to pay bill. Go to text husband. Phone is in the car. Get to car. Fix makeup. Drive to work. Blast music. Remember later have to go to the grocery store. MUST get milk. Favorite song is on. Pretend to know all the words. Pull into parking lot.

Deep breaths.

Go to work. Take care of other people. Make sure to arrive to meeting later. Remember to tell coworker plans for the next day. Get phone call from day care. Kid bit someone again. Go back to work. Boss walks in. Thankfully not sitting down but working. Boss comes back ten minutes later because she forgot something. I was sitting down. Class was loud. First graders are loud. Cheer for a kid who finally got the hang of the math. Make notes on one who couldn’t get the reading strategy. Pass out folders. Make sure everyone is going home the right way. One may not be. Quick call to his parents and he is. Hug all the awesome kids goodbye. Straighten up desk. Get materials ready for the next day. Leave.

Back on the road. Blast music. What will be for dinner? Get milk. Need fruit. Must buy veggies. THERE ARE NO SNACKS IN THE CAR FOR THE KIDS! They will yell and scream all the way home. Must buy snacks!!!! Okay. Pull up to the store. I can do this in ten minutes.

Ready, set, go!

Get the normal size cart since kids aren’t with me.YAY! No driving around the big obnoxious car cart. Fly through aisles getting things and junk that I do not need but will have when the kids go to bed. Check out.

Drive to day care. Baby girl who was happy immediately starts crying at the sight of me. Guilt trip. Get big brother who doesn’t want to leave even if mommy’s ice cream is melting in the car. How many glasses of wine will I need later? Get the kids buckled in the car. Throw healthy goldfish at them. Head home and realize I FORGOT THE MILK.  They will not be healthy tonight. I am not taking both of them into the store. NO WAY.


Get home. Give them Ipads. Turn the TV on. Anything so I can make dinner in peace. Tonight’s gourmet meal is chicken nuggets and shhhhh not even organic. Pour first glass of mommy juice.

Feed kids. Add some corn. Most of it is all over the floor as they laugh at me when I bend down. I swear that little girl threw more at my head. Finish the glass. Pour the second. How many minutes until bedtime??!!!

Play games. Realize they need baths. Really. You all should have baths. It was day before yesterday? Maybe the day before that when you last did? Finally convince both to head to the bathroom when daddy calls from business trip. Facetime with daddy…yay! “Hi kids”, he says. Talks for a minute or two and then tells me has to go because they are all meeting at a bar and then going to a work dinner. No really. A work dinner.  Daddy sucks. Mommy drinks the rest of the second glass and wishes whatever fancy meal daddy is going to have is going to suck too knowing it probably won’t.  Kids are running around naked screaming the word BATH. Take a bigger sip. Think bad thoughts again about daddy.

Throw kids in bath. Wash kids. Let them play. Listen to them laugh. Listen to them fight. TIME TO GET OUT OF BATH. How many minutes until bedtime???

Kids in pajamas. Watch Mickey. Wish Toodles could help me clean the house and get laundry done. Put baby girl to bed. Read books to big brother. Wonder how I am going to get so much done and still have any kind of “me time”. Big brother says,  “I love you mommy.”

“I love you too.” Big hugs. Mommy’s mind is slowing down and enjoying this moment . I smile as I walk out of the room and think how lucky I am.

I also think one other thought.



My crazy kids are my whole world!

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Love, Stacey

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