Parade Of First Moments

parade  His eyes grew so big at the very sight of the first balloon. Sitting on his daddy’s shoulders, he pointed and laughed as they came down the street. It was an exceptionally warm day for Thanksgiving Day in November. It was surprising how early they had been able to get here.

The night had been long as the little one had struggled to fall asleep. He just wanted to walk around and look at everything! Her husband (now a daddy!) led him by the hand as they went room to room pointing out the names of all the different things.

The little boy’s room had to be the favorite.  It had been set up for a really long time. One day she would tell him how long. The toys and books filled the room. Once they found out he was coming, friends had brought over so many clothes. She barely had time to get them all away.

His laughter carried over to her. Different music drifted from the floats. She looked at her husband and squeezed his hand.

The road ahead would be long and perhaps not always as perfect as this day but one thing was for sure…

She would always be thankful for this child gifted to them by another mother.

blog 12 Seriously…what day am I on with this blogging challenge? I really need to check. This has been another fiction post. My heart goes out to anyone going through the adoption process no matter what your part in it is. Adoption is an amazing and wonderful thing and I am so thankful to know families who have gotten their forever families through this.

Thanks for reading! Love, Stacey @40 Wishes and Counting

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