Glare Of The Holiday Lights

Before the turkey had even digested, holiday lights were twinkling in my neighborhood. There were new Santa blow ups and more candy cane lights than ever.
No problem. It was a beautiful day so hubby went out to hang up our own lights. After being the last ones to put them up last year, our neighbors probably decided not to kick us out this year when they saw we were on it. Each time we are doing this, I tell him to “go Griswald” because I always want them to look more magical. My husband doesn’t celebrate Christmas so believe me when I say I am thankful he is out there at all doing this. I also think he was trying to impress his father in law who was visiting us this year but that worked out even more for me.
It looks AMAZING.
Before the sweet potatoes had even digested, the Black Friday commercials were coming on. EVERYTHING was going to be on sale. Better get started. Then, I look at Facebook and it seems everyone and their mother (literally because I am friends with most moms too) have already finished most of their holiday shopping.
So, we started scrambling and ordered a few things off different websites so we could feel accomplished too.
Before the pumpkin pie had even digested, people were posting different pictures of trees going up and time spent decorating them. Other people were talking about how they were going to go chop down their tree.
Honestly? Our tree in the attic seemed really far away so we decided to wait a day or two on that.
It’s done now. We even have the stockings hung by the chimney too. Well the 2 out of the 5 that we could find anyway.
Before the leftovers had even been reheated, we knew we had to start planning for holiday pictures and cards to send out. I didn’t think we could get away with another, “we are waiting to Valentine’s Day to send ours out to be cool” excuse again. There will be holiday parties to go to and Chanukah planning over here as well.
My list is starting to be as long as Santa’s.
The glare of the holiday lights comes at me as I think of all that needs to be done and then I realize, I am losing the point of this season.
Sometimes, you have to dim the lights and hold onto what matters most.
No matter what you celebrate, may you be surrounded by happiness and love. I hope the gifts like time spent with family and friends are never ending and that the lights only bring you joy this season.


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