Giving Karma Thanks


The whole idea of what goes around, comes around.

We use it to make sense of things that happen. Usually it’s the bad stuff. When something bad occurs, we wonder if it was because of something we did in a past life or if it was something someone did, we can’t wait for karma to get them back.

There have been so many times I could relate to both.  The beauty and the ugliness of karma is that we cant always see it happening when we seem to want it the most. Sometimes we just trust it will do its thing to right a wrong.

I know. I know. Deep thoughts for a Thanksgiving Day. Chalk it up to the beer and too much food.

Today, I wanted to focus on the really good karma.

There have been times I have royally screwed up. We live, grow, and hopefully learn when these things happen. I would like to say all of that has happened to me. I know I try really hard.

Even if I still make mistakes.

I am thankful for my family, friends, and so much that keeps me going day to day. There are also people who are present in my everyday life that bring so much joy to my corner of the world.

Anytime I need to borrow an egg, have a drink, or let my kids run around without being judged, I have my neighborhood family. We are so fortunate to be in one that has so many kids and things in common. Not to mention Halloween and other parties in my neighborhood. You just can’t beat those.

Then there are my friends from all areas of life.  There are ones that I made from volunteering years ago that I see for our monthly dinners who make my heart happy. My childhood friends that I check in with on Facebook. My childhood best friend who fills up my blog page with likes. SWMH forever! Mom friends! My  “twin sister” who texts me different things that we only seem to get. My closest friends who are always there to make me laugh. Work friends…I didn’t forget you. Old and new. We always have so much fun! Staples friends!!!! A good friend that convinces you to job share so you can be a better mom. My bridesmaids…you guys are stuck with me forever. Friends that grab a spoon and some ice cream cake and all of a sudden it feels like we have known each other forever. My blogging community friends…love you guys!! I could go on and on.

The readers who follow my blog and comment on my Facebook page. I see certain names come up and I get so excited. It is so awesome getting to know so many people.  I am always so appreciative of our conversations and your support. Thank you!

Yesterday, someone really special gave me something awesome. It is my favorite treat EVER. This is a person who is busy beyond belief with her career and family but still always manages to find time to hear about my life and to make sure I am doing okay.  I know she went out of her way to do this for me and today as I am eating it, I am so appreciative of having such a wonderful person in my life. Thankful is an understatement sometimes.

Whatever I did to earn all of this, I truly need to keep it up! Today, on Thanksgiving and all throughout the year, I am thankful for the awesome people in my life.

What kind of karma do you have going on that you are thankful for?


Thank you everyone for reading Day 24 of my daily blogging challenge.

I am so grateful that you have kept up with me at 40 Wishes and Counting.

Love, Stacey

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