Fur Baby Love


Growing up we were that family who would always pet sit the dogs but never had one of our own. I always wanted a dog.

Now that I know what it is like to clean up after two little ones and a husband , that dream is far from happening anytime soon.

After a couple of years of dating, hubby had always said he wanted a cat because dogs were not allowed in his apartment. Perfect timing because a coworkers cat had babies and we were going to get a kitten!

To be honest, cats were not on my list of pets I loved. I only liked maybe two in my life time. The others kind of scared me.

We got the kitten and I fell in love.

I named our new baby, “Kippi” and for a girl who always had a fish (forever remembered, Fishipooh!) or a newt (Norton jr!) this was beyond amazing. I could snuggle, play, and laugh with my new pet.

Furry babies were not allowed to live where I lived so off she went to my hubby’s apartment although back then he was just my boyfriend. I couldn’t stand to be apart from Kippi so guess who moved in with him too.

I know. I know.


Anyone who has ever had a fur baby can probably relate to what I am about to say. They are family and a special part of our lives.

We played all the time. She got her treat-treats. Kippi was spoiled rotten. When I would cry over different things, she would come right up next to me. .. the ultimate comfort.

Two kids later, Kippi has had to do some adjustments like dealing with two little kids. She actually lets them pet her now although she limits them.

Today, one kid went to nap and the other went off with his dad while I did some cleaning. I found an old favorite toy of Kippi’s that we call Mousie. For the next half hour my almost 12 year old cat played with me like old times.


You know me well enough now if you have been following along that I live for these moments where it almost feels like time is frozen for all the right reasons…

Even with my fur baby.


Eventually you knew a blog post would pop up about “my first baby”. This has been brought to you by day 26 of the blogging challenge! Thank you so much for following me at 40 Wishes and Counting.

Love, Stacey



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