For The Kids

It’s funny how new friendships are created in my world these days. I know many parents can relate. There are social outings I have been on just because “the kids should play together”. It is an awesome thing to see that not only the kids are having fun but for us parents are as well.  Fingers crossed that is the usual case.

I remember back when my first was barely one. I had signed up to go to a playgroup outing at a park. This was completely outside my comfort zone. I am a selective extrovert meaning I am crazy when I am with my friends but if I don’t know you, I will be much more introverted.  We arrived to the playground and with no designated area to really meet, it involved me walking up to groups of moms and asking , “Are you here with…” One by one they shook their heads no and I have to admit, my anxiety was hitting the top of the climbing wall. I started to think they were and just didn’t want me with them. Finally, when most of the real ones showed up, I was able to get to know some more newer moms.

Thanks to my first, I am really good friends with a couple of families that I am excited to watch him grow up with their kids. Now that he is in kindergarten, I am getting to know a whole new group of people.

My little one is 3 and today we went on an outing because someone is new to my neighborhood with a little girl was born days apart from mine. It turned out we had a mutual friend in common who also has a son around their age.

All through the week, I looked forward to our morning out. I was really excited about this.

This morning, we bonded over coffee, cake pops for the kids, and a common goal of drying off ALL the wet slides at our little playground so our kids could play.

It is so important as the kids get older that we have connections that will keep us sane, keep us social and teach our children what good relationships are all  about.

me-and-ally Thanks for reading Day 19 of the blogging challenge! If you are a parent, how do you meet new friends? Join in the conversation at 40 Wishes and Counting.

Love, Stacey


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