Fast Pitch 4


You could hear the crowd cheering a mile away. When she pulled up, it became so loud that she hesitated before getting out of the car. But a promise had been made that this was going to happen no matter what.

It was time.

Heading over, it was dark enough that she could stay in the shadows and hope that no one would see her. She knew that if anyone noticed her watching, it would be all over.

A line drive was hit out to right field. Watching the base runners go, she felt something inside of her jump. Number 16 slid into second base and was declared safe. The score became tied at 3. The next batter got up and she recognized her. This girl had just started high school when she had left. Ann? Annie? The name just wouldn’t come to her. Not even a number came to mind. The first swing was at a pitch that was way off.  Freshman nerves, she thought to herself. It seemed like just yesterday that she was there herself. If only. No name girl finally made contact with the ball only to be tagged out at first. Three outs.

The crowd was now energized from the last run scored. They had a fighting chance even if it was a small one. Her heart was racing as she watched the players take their places out on the field. Recognizing a few of her teammates , she remembered how much she used to love being with all of them. Her  eyes started to water.

She would not cry. She would not cry. She would not cry.

The crowd started chanting a name….

She knew who it was without really even hearing it. The star pitcher was coming back out for another inning. She was surprised in one way because it was late in the game but to be truthful, number 9 was no ordinary pitcher.

A few warm ups and the game was ready to begin again.

The pitch was thrown.

Strike One!

The next…

Strike two!

The crowd got quiet as the catcher and pitcher communicated a few things.

She didn’t know this catcher but heard really good things.

The next pitch flew over the plate.


The tears finally started to fall and she let them. Her mind started remembering what her life was like not too long ago.The practices, the games, the feeling that she could help win a game just by having a mean fast pitch. She had worked so hard and had gotten so close to that state championship. So close.

Some things just are not meant to be.

Wiping the tears away, she was determined to be happy. Wasn’t this the reason why the doctor said she should come? Her attention turned to the coach by the dugout. If he saw her, he would have invited her in to watch. He had been trying to get her to talk to the girls for the longest time but she just didn’t have it in her.

Not yet anyway.

The other team got a couple of hits but no runs were scored. The crowd got to their feet as number 9 walked off the field. Standing and cheering, she wished she could get on her feet with them.

Excitement began to build in her heart as she started cheering for her Wildcats. She knew that they would see it through and if they didn’t win; well let’s just not go there quite yet.

She watched the batters come and go. Their strong legs were so quick. She was amazed she was ever really that good.

Missing the game didn’t even come close to how she was feeling when that last pitch was thrown. She watched the celebrations on one side and the tears on the other.

She thought she better go now before anyone saw her.

Turning around, she heard it.

“Number 4! Number 4, is that you?”

The couple that had been calling it out gave her a thumbs up and waved the Wildcats flag. She gave it back. A smile came over her.

“Fast Pitch 4…we miss you!” They faded out with the crowd.

The magic felt alive again.

Then, she slowly rolled her wheelchair away and headed back to her car.

dzhmInqqsMSJtGma.jpgThis fiction post is day 16 of my November blogging challenge from the awesome BlogHer website. I am really proud of this one and hoped you enjoyed it. Thank you for being so supportive of my writing and following me @40 Wishes and Counting

Love, Stacey




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