Eyes of Promise

It was that first feeling of helplessness that sent her into a panic. The worry took over her mind and her heart was tied up in knots. There were no next steps that she could see.

How does one get to be so alone and surrounded by so many at the same time?

One night she found herself wandering. There was no direction. Her feet started to ache but she knew that it was important to keep going.

Circling around and around.

Not finding anything.

What was it she was looking for again?

Gasping for air, the tears started to fall. She fell to the ground and thought this was the end.

Then, she felt arms around her and a voice saying it was time to get up. A life jacket was put on. She heard him whisper that it was going to be okay.

When she looked up, the bluest of eyes were staring back at her.

He smiled.

And she knew in that moment everything was going to work out.

Turning over, the alarm went flying to the floor. Eyes slowing opening, she looked around and knew without a doubt it had been a dream. She just felt like she couldn’t shake it off. She stayed in bed for hours. Rubbing her eyes, she got up and picked up all the tissues that were around her. Maybe there would be one night soon that she wouldn’t cry herself to sleep.

Checking her phone, she saw all of the texts that had come in. The same hateful messages and questions over and over. How much longer could she let him treat her this way?

Weeks went by. She managed to avoid him making him any angrier until one night, he showed up at work after almost everyone else had gone home.

It started with yelling then it got scary as he raised his hand up towards her.

The bell signaled someone had just come in. He lowered his hand. She held her breath.

There was shouting and a confrontation. He took one more look at her and said he was done. He walked out but not before punching his fist into a wall.

She sank down crying.

The person who was her saving grace handed her a tissue. Wiping her eyes, she finally had the courage to look at him.

And found the bluest eyes staring back at her as he told her help was coming.


Thank you so much for reading my fiction work this week. As always your support is appreciated! This post has been brought to you by Day 15 of the daily blogging challenge for November. How may days are there in this month anyway??

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