Blogging Is Cheaper Than Therapy

30 days of blogging.

This is what I have accomplished this month in addition to all the other things I do in my life. I went from the ultimate writers block to full speed ahead. I bet I could even go another month if I wanted to!

If I wanted to…

Part of me really wanted to title this, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly because when you take a blog and base it on moments from real life, that’s pretty much what you are going to get.

Then I brought out the fiction writing, real people stories, and more nostalgia. Not to mention all the pictures at the end of my posts that related on more personal notes.

Blogging really is cheaper than therapy.

When I started this blog, I knew I had stories to tell. I also knew I had to build up my reading community. So I worked hard at my writing, made connections, learned from some amazing fellow bloggers, and even published a few times on different websites.

After my one year anniversary concluded with a blogging conference and some more published posts, I needed to breathe… and reflect.

Where did I want to go from here?

And you know what? My writing got quiet because I just didn’t know.

Life changed as it often does. I went back to work full time. My son started kindergarten and things got a bit more chaotic than usual.

For a long time.

Then I learned about this challenge which meant I was taking on a daily blogging task for the entire month of November. I accepted it although I was not quite sure how I was going to go from silence to writing my heart out.

One word at a time.

One memory at a time.

One story at a time.

My head started spinning and the magic started to come back. I became excited again and enjoyed sharing each day. Depending on the subject, different conversations were started and things were learned about people I never knew. I appreciate everyone who commented or shared any of my posts.

I also learned more about myself.

Time doesn’t always heal everything. You can screw up big time and not think it will ever happen again but it does even if you didn’t mean for it to. Things that once seemed so devastating can turn you into a person that can share wisdom and growth. Happiness can bring smiles that are contagious to those around you. Memories create a shared bond even if it has been so many years since those moments. We change with people and places. We hope to change for the better. Sometimes, we start back at square one. Sometimes we just get it right.

So where am I now?

There are more stories to tell and people to talk about. It is no longer quiet and I find myself wanting to get all of my words back onto paper. It is part of who I am.

It also helps me deal with all things that are life…past, present, and future.

See? It really is cheaper than therapy.


Thank you SO much for following me on my writing journey! It is better because of you all and the input you put into it whether it is just reading, sharing, or commenting. I really appreciate it all and am so grateful!

Love, Stacey @ 40 Wishes and Counting.



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    I do spend some money on my blog but with the issues I have I am sure it is less than I would spend on therapy. LOL! Keep telling stories because you need to keep writing!

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