A Case Of The Randoms

One of the best things about being a teacher is sharing some really memorable moments in my life. Children always get a kick out of the fact that teachers were once children too.

twinkie-2 During my first year of teaching, I was referencing Twinkies…you know the Hostess treat. At some point while I was speaking,  I realized most of the class had no clue what I was talking about. My mom used to always get those for our lunches or a special snack. I went out and bought the class Twinkies. They weren’t as good as they used to be but the kids were really excited.

One of my favorite stories to share with the kids is when I played the Witch Of All Witches in my 5th grade play. My teacher, Mr. Falk thought it would be great if I looked really scary by chewing up Tootisie Roll and putting it over my teeth. Fast forward to the play rehearsals and I got in trouble for having eaten it all.

Now there is a story that thankfully, very few kids get to hear. It involves me when I was in first grade and they only find out about it when they have a bathroom accident and are feeling embarrassed about it. Let’s just say I could relate once upon a time.

Okay. Let’s move on.

A student shared he was getting a newt. Someone wanted to know what it was so I googled it to show them.


That brought back memories of Norton jr,

My best friend was moving to Florida. That traumatic story will be a blog for another day but in my care she left me her newt, Norton. Sadly Norton did not live long. I got another one… Norton jr. I know I can be really original when I want to. It is so much fun to watch the light in kids eyes when they make a connection to someone.

Priceless. Truly priceless.

It’s amazing how sharing can bring back a moment as if one was living it all over again.

I realize reading this over that I have rambled a bit. Okay. Maybe a lot. It’s funny how you get to a certain age and you start thinking more and more about these kind of random memories.

And yet they still matter so much.

blog 11What is your favorite  random memory? Join in on the conversation!

Day 23 of the blogging challenge!!!!!! Thank you for reading and keeping up!

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