Dear Day Care

My hand shook as I lifted the glass to my lips and repeatedly checked my phone. My husband reassured me that everything would be okay but this was my baby we were talking about. The one I left not even thirty minutes ago crying as I walked out the door. The restaurant was packed for […]

Scent Of A Memory

Watching you sleep curled up next to your stuffed little puppy dog, I tried to hold the tears inside but there were so many emotions going through me. This was the night before you turned one. Images flashed before me. The shots to get pregnant, the ultrasounds, labor, long delivery and finally, that priceless first […]

The Yellow Room

When we first moved into the house, a painter came to add color to all of the rooms. As I walked him around and upstairs, we came to THE ONE. I told him this one will be yellow for the baby. No…the baby is not here yet, and I am not pregnant. Don’t even tell […]

One Day

For the past 3 hours, I have had a scattered brain as my mind begins to wrap around everything I must get done this week. My work sits in front of me. I pick it up and get busy for a few minutes and then my mind moves onto something else. Something more entertaining and […]

A Special Mother’s Day Message

My first Mother’s Day card came to me ten years before I even had my first child. It was my first year of teaching and one of my little first graders handed it to me very shyly. I vaguely remember tearing up. In this card were the sweetest words printed on it with a simple, […]

A Different Side Of Teacher Appreciation

This week, social media has been full of all things promoting teacher appreciation. My Pinterest feed has so many wonderful and creative ideas to show a teacher just how thankful we are. There are pictures all over Facebook with the ideas different friends have carried out and want to show off that they are giving […]