The Night Before

Yesterday was the night before we played for hours outside with the neighborhood kids after spending what seemed like forever looking for the kids shoes. What is it about a story that starts with, “The night before…”? Sometimes, it has no significance. The rest of the story could be about the day that was normal […]

One To Grow On

Walking through the rooms takes me on a journey through my life. Boxes filled with baby pictures are stacked in a cabinet. My dance pictures and awkward school photos are framed in scattered places. There is a proud picture of me standing next to my first car. My wedding picture of a person I barely […]

Top Of The First

Saturday morning and it may as well have been the crack of dawn for me as we headed out bright and early.  It was time for my son’s first baseball game. In case you missed yesterday’s post leading up to this EPIC moment, check it out here. It was an unusually cold morning and we felt […]

Meet The Crazy Baseball Mom

The days of glory were built into one year of little league for me. I played outfield and according to my brother who remembers more about my short lived career than I do, I was the super double hitter.  I loved the feel of the glove in my hand and the bat as it connected […]

Let The Rain Fall

I could hear it outside gently hitting the roof while I pulled the covers over my head. It was a Saturday morning and there was nowhere for me to be. The rain started to fall harder as I drifted off to sleep. That was many years ago. Nowadays, there is none of that unless my […]