In Parenting Motion

The crying woke me up out of a deep sleep. I rushed to my daughter’s bedroom to see what was going on. She rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. Lifting her up while she yelled, “MOOOOOMMMMY”, I could feel how hot she was already. Cue the worry. Cue the stress. Move into […]

One More Hug

One of my brother’s friends once joked that our family is like the Ozzie and Harriet show from long ago. Not quite. We do have our not so awesome moments and get on each others nerves but for all of that, we are very close too. I have learned from my parents that family is […]

Moments In Time

My son pumped his little legs in front of him as his swing got higher and higher. While watching, my mind drifted away to only a few months prior when my husband and I were showing him how he could do it without help. He didn’t like the idea of mommy and daddy not helping […]

To Be Beautiful

I knew it was a disaster the minute those LOUD bells started going off. It only got worse as we moved outside. Nothing like leading 26 kindergarten children outside during the first fire drill of the school year… in the first week. Those little munchkins looked like they escaped out of the wicked witch territory. […]