The Young and The Reckless

The cars flew past the stop sign and darted out in front of me as my car slowed behind. Freaking teenagers, I thought to myself. I knew exactly where they were going. On my way to work, I pass the high school. The time I drive there coincides with the return of many students from […]

When Supermom Crashes

My 2 year old daughter bit me and when I was finally able to breathe again after the pain, I lost it. Baby girl was put into her crib and I sat down outside the door to take a moment. The sound of my 4 year old son crying was coming through his bedroom door […]

10 Reasons Why Two Year Olds Live The Good Life

Two year olds by most examples are a unique tribe. Their personalities change on a daily basis and they are learning how much power they hold over others. Yes. Power.  These wannabe older toddlers are capable of much manipulation and charm. My daughter has recently approached this milestone. Her actions leave me afraid of what […]

Journey of Fighting Depression

Driving through our neighborhood one late in January night, my 4 year old son spotted a house with all of their golden lights from Christmas still brightly lit. He doesn’t understand why they are still on if the holiday is a fading memory from his head. My son and I laughed at how they “must […]

Treasured Moments

The new big brother barely gave his baby sister any worthy glances at all. He would smile shyly when anyone spoke about her but prepared to go about his toddler business. It would be weeks before he really even acknowledged her. We were okay with that knowing it would take time for him to get […]