The Misguided Hopes of Exercise and Family Bonding

  Late last spring, I found a fun opportunity for the 4 year old. It was a weekly 30 minute art class in our small downtown area. He loves all things art so I thought this would be so exciting for him. Plus it was not a mommy and me class. I could leave him […]

The Bigger Picture

A few weeks ago, I was explaining the concept of being a vegetarian and not eating meat to my 4 year old. His response?  “Oh I know…the brown people do that!” Cue my OH SHIT moment. For a minute I sat and thought, what in the world is he talking about? Is my son pointing […]

The Ultimate Party Theme

We are days away from my daughter’s 2 year old birthday. Our family is excited to celebrate.  To be honest, I am kind of in shock that it’s only been 2 years since she came into our lives. This little one is smart, fearless, and lots of fun. Feisty is probably the best word to […]

Welcome To The Happy Zone

Rushing into the airport bathroom, I heard a loud voice that cheerfully greeted me with, “Welcome to the Happy Zone!” Moving forward I saw that the attendee had a big smile and was directing me to an available bathroom. While in the stall, I kept hearing her saying hello to people, chatting with them, and […]