Quick! Make those Resolutions! Or Not…

Time to ring in the New Year! Exercise Eat right Quit a bad habit Look familiar to you? There is nothing like going 365 days and then thinking, tomorrow will be different. Changes will happen because they are going to be called resolutions. Do you remember returning from the holiday break to write out your […]

Shhhh…Don’t Say The “C” Word!

‘Tis the season for the party where under no circumstances should you say the “C” word. This is in spite of the fact that the entire party was created because of this word. But shhhhhh, don’t say it. Maybe this time I wouldn’t. The day before this gathering, I looked at lots of baking recipes. […]

The Gift That Was So Much More

My husband and I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant. It was feeling hopeless and most of the time, it felt like any world I was trying to create was falling apart before it even began. There were doctor appointments and tests. Hopes were raised and fell faster than a rain […]

Oh Santa…Maybe Just A Few More Things

Dear Santa, I’m sorry for eating your cookies and leaving mostly crumbs on the plate. I also finished the milk too. Damn kids ate all of the chicken nuggets tonight leaving this poor mama starving. Last year, after not getting the nanny and personal chef I wrote to you about, I realized I better send […]

The Scene of the Holiday Concert

Click! Record! Click! Look at all the lights of the cameras and phones as the kids sing their songs. I admit it. I used to be so amused at all of this just for  elementary school productions where I taught. How many pictures and videos do you really need of this VERY far from even […]

The Fear In Our World…Can We Bring Change?

The world scares me. Every time the news is on, we see anger and hate. There is so much of it out there. You can argue that there is also good if we look for it, but it has become more difficult to find. Terrorists. Shootings. Threats. Lockdowns. These are words that are becoming more […]