The Truly Priceless Moments of a Family Road Trip

  We do a lot of traveling by plane and car to visit family and different places. Recently, my husband and I went on a road trip with our 4 year old and almost 2 year old. Although we got back a couple of days ago, we are still recovering from being trapped in a […]

Let’s Drink To Giving Thanks And All Things Turkey

Thanksgiving is here! We will brave through traffic to get to one place or many places to gather, eat A LOT, and give thanks for all that we have. I raise my glass to you (because I am VERY thankful if you are reading this) and present to you things we can drink to and […]

Life in the Exit Row

It would have been great if we were going to be sitting in first class during our trip for two get away but that was not the plan. Hubby got us seats in the exit row. He was super excited because even if it wasn’t first class, we would have more leg room. Wait until […]

Tales From A Vacation For Two

My amazing retired parents happily agreed to watch our 4 year old and almost 2 year old while we took a “Just Us” vacation. This was not the first trip over night I had taken without my babies but it was the first one flying out of state and for 4 nights, the longest one. […]

Guess My Age!

“40? There is no way you can be 40!” This is usually what happens when people find out my age. Throughout my life, I have always looked much younger than what I am. It has been an advantage at times and other times not so much. I moved to North Carolina from New York ten […]

Spin It Like You Mean It

The room was somewhat dark and the music was blasting. It brought me back to the days where life was about dancing and moving to the beat. It was like I was 22 all over again. I even put that age next to my name when I signed in…to the gym. Sigh. I wasn’t on […]

Songs, Friends, and A Summer to Remember

Hubby and I got this year’s country mega ticket for our local outdoor concert venue. I am a HUGE country music fan and to me this was nothing short of amazing. Tickets to see the hottest performers while I get to sing and dance like crazy. If you are a music fan you may recognize […]

Does This Make Me Look Political?

In junior high school , I was obsessed with politics…specifically the presidency. For some reason (I cant even begin to recall it now.) I wanted to be president. It was written all over my Keds. Telling it to anyone who would listen, I declared I would be running in the year 2014. I knew that […]