Halloween Magic in the Grown Up World

I grew up in Queens, New York which is about a 20 minute train ride from Manhattan. Our family lived in an apartment building that was surrounded by many more like it for about 4 or 5 blocks. It was a candy gold mine for us trick or treaters. We would run in and all […]

The BOO-zing Ninja Skills YOU MUST HAVE

This time of year is awesome for so many reasons. One of my absolute favorites is the Halloween tradition of getting Boo-ed! This is where someone puts together a bunch of Halloween themed goodies and leaves it all at your doorstep after ringing the bell and getting out of sight. It’s a mystery of who […]

Down The Rabbit Hole of Halloween Party Drinking

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year as many of you know. Recently, we were invited to a costume party in our neighborhood. I was excited! I had just bought an Alice in Wonderland costume with a matching white rabbit bag that would be perfect for this adults only event. Read: the kind […]

A Million and One Questions. Welcome to Toddler Life.

My 4 year old likes to talk… A LOT! It seems like he has been talking forever. Mostly because he really doesn’t stop. I remember when my husband said awhile back that he couldn’t wait for our little one to get into the asking questions stage. Trust me. You can wait was my response. But […]

The Scary Bee Chase

The sun was shining and the weather was finally at the perfect temperature. This came after 11 straight days of rain here, so when my 20 month old pointed to her stroller and said, “walk”, I was ready to go. We happily started walking down the block. She was pointing out different things using baby […]

Observations From A Night In The ER

This week is thankfully coming to a close. The days have been filled with all sorts of stress, anxiety, and being “on” as a parent. It started with a middle of the night visit to the ER with my 20 month old who had a fever of 104 and her breathing was not right. It […]

No Matter Where You Go, We Will Be There

My friend stood in my kitchen nervously shifting her feet around. She was waiting to tell me something important. It made me nervous. Finally, she came out with it. “We are putting our house up for sale next week.” Now, let me start off by saying that I am not good with change. I never […]

Heading for the Top

We arrived to the beach condo excited for a weekend of downtime. Okay, that part is a joke because we do have two kids but at least we were ready for sunshine and water. Once we opened the door, our 4 year old ran in. He was excited to see where he was going to […]