What Goes Around Really Comes Around

Scene: In a doctor’s office where there are a couple of nurses holding me down along with my mom. One doctor is at the door making faces to try and get me to laugh while another is attempting to give me a shot. I was 13 years old. It was quite the disaster you can […]

The Muppets & Childhood Comeback

Some days I long for childhood. The place where there are hardly any responsibilities and someone else takes care of you. There is one show that takes me back to those days of being a little girl with hardly a care in the world… The Muppet Show. My brother and I  didn’t watch a lot […]

Life, Please Hold.

I counted weeks, followed by days, then hours, and finally minutes. Hello to a girls weekend at the beach. Me time. Friends time. No responsibilities other than looking out for myself. No planning dinners or kid pick ups. I would be staying up late and sleeping even later. A book got packed that I would […]

Just “Us”

This past week, we celebrated our anniversary. Not our wedding anniversary but our dating one. The when we met story and where it all began. The real one. People look at me funny when I say that. I hear comments reminding me about our wedding date. Not only that,  in case I forgot, all of […]

Recalling the Memorable Moments

It was a beautiful day at the beach. The water was the perfect temperature and the sun was shining bright. Deep in the sand, my mother in law and the 4 year old had been digging a hole. I think they were going to China or something. Sadly, they never made it to China but […]

We Will Never Forget

September 11, 2001 I was teaching in an elementary school in Queens, New York on that horrible day. The school quickly got into a frenzy as we waited to hear news of what had happened and what was going on. We knew the towers had been hit but we didn’t know much else at that […]

The Misguided Attempts Of Cleaning House

  I admit it. Sometimes I don’t make the bed, clean the floors, or dust. I barely even move the Cheerios over from the seat if I need to sit down on the couch rather than throwing them out. One thing you will find is that my bathroom is always clean. Okay. 90% of the […]

It’s All About Those Glue Sticks…Back to School Time!

This back to school shopping season has been brought to you by a lot of questions from parents. Questions about school supplies. Especially glue sticks. Who would have thought? Looking at so many back to school articles and different points of view, some parents have been upset about the amounts requested of various school supplies […]

Cheers to Great Neighborhood Friends!

  Jackpot! No…not money. People. Cue the Mr. Rogers music. You know the one. Who are the people in your neighborhood? (Sorry if that is stuck in your head all day long.) We moved to the suburban area about 4 years ago. Our view consists of the typical houses, gardens, and trees. Then, there are […]

Mind Your Business…The Hopeful End of Boob vs. Bottle

  There seems to never be a dull moment in the breast feeding/formula feeding world. It’s a constant back and forth of pointing fingers and questions. I wrote this because I got upset last night reading a crazy mom post in a moms group where people just made judging comments without regard for what anyone […]