The Summer I Dated My Friends


There are many definitions of dating but they all involve the goal of getting to a romance.  Dating is when two people, spend time together getting to know one another. Dating is the early stages of something serious. Everything is new, spontaneous, and fun.

In romantic relationships, many couples wish they could go back to the dating days to recreate the newness and excitement.

So, why not friends? Minus the romance, of course.

This summer, my friends and I did different things than what we usually do. Some were outside our comfort zone, some were just things we had not done in awhile, and others were just because we needed to not be bored.

Here are some great ideas to take your friendships to new levels of interest:

  1. Outside concerts: Designate a driver. The fun is watching them navigate a parking lot that is out of control. Get to the concert. Buy friends beers and watch how crazy they dance. Oh wait…I was the crazy dancer. Look out for obnoxious drunks that throw themselves at you. Sing your hearts out. Hope they don’t realize you don’t know many of the correct words. Laugh about all of it on the ride home.
  2. Any kind of water sport: Did you miss this post?  Completely go for something outside of the box to do.        You need to know what kind of friends you have and who will be willing to save you should you fall overboard in 3 feet of water or meet a shark.
  3. Movie Outing: This is not so much for the movie itself. You are probably all for the most part in agreement that you want to see the movie. It’s for the comments in the previews that you learn a lot about your friends. Likes? Dislikes? Do they gravitate to wanting to watch weird movies? Have a strange new obsession with Tom Cruise? Crap. That’s me again.
  4. Food: I meet two friends monthly for dinner outings. We rotate and try different restaurants while catching up on life. You can’t beat always having something planned and looking forward to it. Sometimes I host a breakfast gathering for some of my friends. Everyone brings something yummy to eat. Bonus points to the friend that brings champagne for the mimosas. There is nothing like food to bring people together and get good conversations going.
  5. Theater Plays: I went with my friend from work to see a play. We had the best time. We also found ourselves not always talking about work which was awesome. When hanging with work friends, do something that will get you out of falling into conversations about work but still get your gossip time in, wink wink.
  6. Bring a 3rd in: Hey, hey now! Don’t get crazy. Introduce old friends to new friends and vice versa. Break out of the usual conversations and common interests.
  7. Cooking Night In: Choose a new dish to make. Everyone participates and gets to enjoy. Just think of all the wine you can drink while cooking. When we screw up, we order pizza!
  8. Pinterest Time: Choose a craft. Make it together. Try not to feel bad when yours is the most messed up. Yup, me again.
  9. Visit a Vineyard: No work and no kids equal a fun afternoon at a local vineyard. A bottle, a view of a pond, farm animals walking around ( I live in NC),a couple of adirondack chairs and just not a care in the world. Great way to relax and talk about random things before returning to reality.
  10. Beach weekend get away: Its happening! Just not yet but you can guarantee it will be worthy of a post all on its own.

There are many kinds of friendships in this world. Always go with the ones that bring out the best in each other no matter what you do. Just like dating.

Share and comment on something unique you and your friends have done. I would love to hear them!


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