Warning: Kindergarten Ahead


Lately, thanks to Facebook I have had a few good laughs reading questions moms have been posting about their kids beginning kindergarten. I laughed until it hit me, my son will be there in one year.

Whaaaaaat??!!! Okay, I did the math and it’s true. Preschool this year and he will be set to go after that.

I broke open a bottle of wine and started rereading. Better to start preparing (maybe some shopping?) now!


The size of the very pricey Pottery Barn Kids Book Bag matters: The folder needs to go in it along with any other supplies my child will need. Bonus points if I get it personalized with his name. This way with all of the other 20 identical book bags, we will know that it is his.


The matching lunchbox: It attaches to the book bag. Genius! I can’t tell you how many times I left my metal Popeye lunchbox with the thermos in it at school. I still miss that lunchbox.


Bento Boxes: I need to start pinning all of the great ideas that Pinterest people have posted for getting my kid to eat an amazingly balanced lunch. Never mind that he is the pickiest eater in the world and won’t touch anything. At least it will make me look like mommy of the year! (Mine still wouldn’t come out like Pinterest.)


Premade lunch notes: These are adorable! Definitely a step up from the one-liners my mom used to write on napkins. They are really not that personalized but look at those colors! Clicking “add to cart”.


Kindergarten…no longer just the place to bring the coolest nap mat and 8 crayons. No wonder why I need to start now.


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