The Not So Extreme Adventures in Paddle Boarding

So, being that this was the year I was going to try things outside my comfort zone (but not way too outside), my friend Andiswa, came up with a great idea. We should try stand up paddle boarding!  After figuring out when and where, we were signed up and ready to learn.

The morning arrived and I realized a few things. I needed a swimsuit that fits. I also realized that I was really going to have to shave my legs for this event as well. To add to my so called issues, I also came to the conclusion I never worked out like I had planned to be physically prepared for, well…whatever muscles I may be going to use for this sport. Let’s face it, I was probably going to make a fool out of myself. The anxiety was already starting…

Somehow I pulled it together. I am beyond thankful for bathing suit shorts.

We got to the lake super excited. Josh was going to be our instructor. Here I am signing my life away. This made me think paddle boarding was more extreme than I thought.


We had to wait for a few more people to join us and then the instructions began.

He went through how to adjust and hold the paddle. He demonstrated how to pull the board out and climb on. Then, he showed us some ways of using the paddle.

Somewhere in there was how to turn and what to do to stop. Sadly, at that point, I had already tuned him out. The view was really beautiful that day. My mind just wandered. I figured I would just copy whatever anyone else was doing.



After the instructions, he told us we were ready. He did say that those with anxiety are quick to fall off and are the ones that feel much better when they get back at it again. I tried not to take it personally that he was looking right at me. I may have made too many crazy anxious comments in the beginning.

We moved the boards onto the lake.

I knelt down like was supposed to and then climbed on.

I was doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was easy, this was awesome, this….


Let’s just say it was true what he said and move on.

I paddled on my knees for a bit because I believe that was a technique in itself and then I decided I was going to rock this.

I got back up.

I watched Andiswa who looked like a professional. I may have thought to myself, bring a klutzy friend next time as well. She really had the hang of it! I was so amazed watching her that I fell the second time. Thankfully, this would be the last of the falling into the water for me.

We paddled around for a bit and into a cove area so we could regroup. We went over more pointers and got back out there.

I really had the hang of it now! I was determined! I kept going. This was not so extreme!

It was at this moment that I was also advised to turn around because I was headed to some far out area with a possible drop off. Here is where I really should have been paying attention to the how to turn around directions. I was able to figure it out, (Okay, so maybe Josh was calling out directions.) and only fell to the board once. At least I wasn’t in the water and as I pointed out… it was done gracefully.

Around this time, a boat came out to warn us that we needed to wrap things up because a storm was coming. Us amateurs decided that we better start moving faster. Nothing like seeing dark clouds approaching behind when you are not an expert in the water and have a big board strapped to your foot. Thankfully, we still could enjoy another few minutes of the view in front of us which was still bright and sunny. It was amazing to be able to be good enough to really enjoy the experience. Oh, happy moments!



We really had the best time.

Maybe white water rafting next?



  1. Andiswa says

    You were awesome Stacey! I enjoyed the non-kid/spouse time with my friend and am already looking forward to the next adventure. Hope the morning after felt better than the time I took you on the neighborhood stroll/death march when you were 9 months pregnant…


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