Warning: Kindergarten Ahead

Lately, thanks to Facebook I have had a few good laughs reading questions moms have been posting about their kids beginning kindergarten. I laughed until it hit me, my son will be there in one year. Whaaaaaat??!!! Okay, I did the math and it’s true. Preschool this year and he will be set to go […]

Magical Memories of Summers Long Ago

Our Field of Dreams I used to think that if I had the power to go back in time, I would spend it changing my mistakes. I no longer think that. If I could go back in time, I would pull up a front row seat and watch any summer of my childhood. The best […]

The Not So Extreme Adventures in Paddle Boarding

So, being that this was the year I was going to try things outside my comfort zone (but not way too outside), my friend Andiswa, came up with a great idea. We should try stand up paddle boarding!  After figuring out when and where, we were signed up and ready to learn. The morning arrived […]

Moms at the Park (What types have you met?)

  It was a beautiful sunny day when I took my 17 month old to play at the park. There were a few other moms there. Everyone was happily talking and doing their thing. I got to listen in on a few conversations and make small talk here and there. It is one of 3 […]

May the Force be With This Mom

I have been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. My brother and I would watch the movies all of the time when we were kids. It’s a miracle those tapes didn’t break from all the rewinding we did. (Young readers, google VCR.) Check out how a couple of years ago, […]

Gardening in the Suburbs: Check!

I have been living in a house in the suburbs for at least 9 years now. There is one thing that I had not conquered before the start of the summer…gardening. You haven’t made it in the suburbs until you have planted a garden. I had a plant when I was in junior high school. […]

Friendship Fun

Thanks to the different things I do and the various places I go, I have made some truly amazing friendships. Sometimes, we could just use a break from the potty training talk, feeding dilemmas, and crazy meltdown stories. Some of us can just use a break from talking about work and everyday life. Many can […]