A Dad’s Journey

Future dads matter too.

Years ago, when hubby and I first started planning our life together, we knew that included having kids. Knowing my medical issues, I knew that the entire process would take some professional help and time.

I just didn’t know how long it would take or how much assistance I would need.

I was one of the very fortunate ones. We have two kids now that were conceived despite the odds  not in our favor. My husband was there for me while I went for test after test. This man stood by to hold me when I cried after  people constantly asking when we were going to have a baby and us knowing we couldn’t at that time. He consoled me when the pregnancy tests came back negative. At times when all hope seemed lost, he helped us keep it together the best we could.

This made him an amazing dad already even if he didn’t know it. He was looking out for our future. I will be forever grateful to him for all of the times he helped us keep it altogether.

Through our journey, we learned so many others were in search of their parenthood dreams coming true too. For women who dream of having children, we know from social media that it is a daily struggle.

On other days and even Father’s Day not as much is mentioned even though they too, matter.

  • Future dads who want to adopt: For every hope you cherish that your forever family will be complete, you matter too. Through all of the preparations and research into who can help you and for those who support you, it is a beginning. Through the times where you wait and wonder, it is your daily reality. For your future, you embrace your happiness that is waiting to happen. Happy Father’s Day.
  • For the dads who have lost a child: Your child was here. These memories and the powerful emotions they bring, are a part of you. Your child will always be in your heart. You are a father and you matter.
  • For dads who support women going through a journey to get pregnant with all that is available to them…you matter too. There are financial obligations, emotional support, and the ups and downs with all of the factors that play in. You stand by and help keep everything going even though you may be feeling lost as well. Sometimes, you fall apart behind closed doors. Others, you are right there breaking down with your partner but you continue to go on and keep the faith.

future dads

So many have obstacles in the way of getting to be a mommy or daddy. Some of which there is little to no control over. Hope and support for these big dreams is essential. 

Future dads, you matter too.

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