Crazy Tales from the Parking Lot (or wherever my car is)

Do you remember your first car? How about your next car? And the car after that?

I remember my very first car I bought. It was a 1990 Honda Prelude in red. This car was amazing and I loved driving it. I would look out the window just to see it parked in its space. I even took pictures beside it.

FullSizeRender  90’s Flashback! Ignore the funky hair.

I could spot this car in a minute no matter where it was. All mine. This was my new car excitement.

That car is long gone and a few others have replaced it over the years. Only one car has come close to that excitement and it ended up being a lemon. (Don’t ask. I am still missing that car.) I can no longer find my car in an instant and I can’t remember the last time I have taken a picture with my car. (Guess that was kind of crazy anyway.)

There have been a few car situations in the past year that have made me laugh. These situations may also be proof that age is a factor in losing it. Look at this cute sign I found! It’s scary how appropriate it is but don’t tell my husband this.

lost car

Hubby and I went out to dinner without kids. As usual, we had extra time so I dragged him to AC Moore so I can stock up on craft supplies. We split up and I couldn’t find him. I walked outside thinking to check in the car. I couldn’t find the car. I looked up and down the rows. It was dark and even with the cell phone flashlight, I couldn’t find it. I started to panic and text him. No answer. I took out my keys and tried to set off the car alarm. I looked like a crazy person waving those keys around and getting no bleep- bleep back.

Panic really started to set in.

I texted again. No answer.

A few minutes later, hubby texted me back. Finally! He said he was in the store and was coming out now. I met him at the door practically in tears. Hubby is used to my craziness and didn’t even seem to be bothered at all. The best part? When I told him I couldn’t find the car with my keys.

I forgot we had taken his car. Sigh.

The car I have now is black.

black car

Turns out that is a very popular car color. (Insert sarcastic comment here. My next car may be neon pink and glow in the dark.)

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times I have walked to the wrong car. One time, I did it in my own parking lot at work. I may have tried to get in for a couple of minutes. I am sure someone from some window was watching the whole scene. Good laughs…just not for me.  Did I mention it was raining at the time?

I think my absolute favorite was the other night. Hubby and I walked out into the parking lot and I went right up to “my” car….the one that I had in 2003 when I first met him. It’s been gone for over 5 years. Maybe I should not have had that second drink after all.

I should probably think about getting a bike too.


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