Wanted: One Fun Date Night

Hubby and I love a night out. It gives us a chance to get out of the house together and have uninterrupted conversations. Bonus points for a night off from putting chicken nuggets in the oven.

Only these days with the kids, it takes scheduling ….


 get a sitter

and prep work that sadly, has nothing to do with wearing the right outfit.

After finding a sitter, we arrange to have dinner ready for the kids and pajamas for the little ones ready. We try to make sure they nap and are good to go when it’s time for us to leave. (That is a tricky issue when it comes to our older one).

Before we even leave for our date, we are tired.

We end up usually at dinner if we are not with friends. After dinner, we realize it’s much too early to go home (we at least want the sitter to put the kids to bed!), so we end up at Target. I always need stuff. Especially from there!

Image result for shopping at target meme

This annoys hubby after 5 minutes because he is not into walking randomly around this store like I do (favorite hobby of mine).

Back at home, the sitter asks with a big smile on her face, what did you guys do? I reply, dinner and Target.

After saying it out loud,  I realized how lame that sounds.

What kind of date is that?

We can do better. We HAVE to do better. Especially since hubby doesn’t care for the benefits of walking aimlessly around Target. (Note to self: Get sitter for that purpose and go back alone)

So I thought about places we used to go to and things we used to do,  and realized, back in the day, we probably weren’t as great about fun dates as we thought we were.

I started searching.

And searching.

Here are some of the things I came up with that seemed outside of our usual go to outings.

Image result for date night

  • Archery lessons- I think I will also get hair extensions for this so I can do a long braid and pretend to be Katniss even if hubby doesn’t have a clue who she is.
  • Get matching tattoos– just kidding mom. Thought I would see if you are paying attention and reading my blog.
  • Take a cooking class together– this has potential except I do not like anything they are cooking.
  • Lesson on paddle boarding(saw this one of those deals that always get emailed to me) That would be fun!
  • Listening to live jazz musicwe love doing that sort of thing. Or in my head we do.
  • Hot air balloon rideScratch that. Fear of heights.
  • Movies– we would just spend the whole night trying to agree on something to see. He is sadly, not going  for Pitch Perfect 2.

To be continued when we agree on something and of course… schedule the sitter.

 What is your favorite thing to do out on a date? Comment and share!


  1. Julie says

    Date night is really important and you should go once a week for some fun and special time with your spouse. Even if you go to Lowes, just go the two of you alone!!!

  2. BRentesha says

    Sad to say Stacey my spouse is a party pooper. Date night for him is going to Walmart / Target and looking around. Our kids are older so no sitter is needed. We do go out yes to the grocery store. But he is such a home body that it drives me crazy!!! Oh yeah he wanted a date night of watching movies in the Man Cave. I had to decline……lol That’s not a date night. I’m with you I want and need one fun filled date night that really counts!!!!!

  3. mary-Claudia says

    We end up at Target a lot too! Best dates we have had sitter come for naptime. Gave us daylight to picnic, hike, etc. Have fun!

  4. Bonnie says

    If you guys like live theater performances let me know if you ever want to double! That was my favorite past time in WI, dinner and theatre.
    Also dont forget that outdoor movie nights are going on around the community, little different perhaps a little more romantic than the usual experience 🙂

  5. carol orentlicher says

    We like going to concerts and listening to live music. Dancing is also fun; or how about dancing lessons? Or roller skating?
    Some couples take up tennis together, thought that is not for me.

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