Happy 40th birthday to me????!!!!!!!

40. The big 4 0. I am not sure when this happened. Okay it happened on my last birthday. So I guess I do know that part but I still can’t believe I am…40.

40 is that section in the stores where there are canes, graveyard signs, over the hill merchandise, and everything dreary that goes with that age apparently.

That’s just not me.
I am just getting started at 40.

40 is the new 20

So to be honest, I don’t look my age. I never have. This is a fact that has not always worked in my favor but now? I am going with it. It kind of makes up for those times where I could not pass for 21 to get into bars like my friends did at 19. Well, it almost makes up for those times.

My kids also keep me young. They are almost 4 and 1. They will be making appearances in some of my stories I am sure. With these ages, they make for good laughs (they are a bit crazy too). As much as they have the power to make me feel young, they also can make me feel really old. Hubby is in the picture too. He is 4 years younger than me. Now that I am 40, he can really say he is with a cougar woman now.

It’s been quite the journey to get where I am in life. We all have those journeys where we finally end up where we dreamed we would be, but still we question, what next? This is where my blog comes in. I want to have new adventures and talk about different things that many of us wonder about (random, I know!). There is no bucket list so it’s going to be a lot of go with the flow.  I need to do some things outside my comfort zone (no worries mom…I am still afraid to get a a tattoo!) and just have fun even if it’s every day things.

Get yourself a good drink, eat some amazing birthday cake and follow me on my new journey. Maybe it will inspire you to get crazy and join along!

pina colada 40


  1. Christina says

    I am looking forward to reading your blog. You always make me smile and often make me think a bit deeper… so I know your blog will too!

  2. Garry Nelson says

    Everyone always says ” Good Luck “….I don’t think you need Luck . You have the skills and talent to write a wonderful blog . Always enjoyed your facebook comments . So to that I’ll say , ” Good day ” and Happy writing . Look forward to this new adventure with you. I think I found the Subscribe button. You didn’t say exactly where it was ….and I’m over 40….lol

  3. Erin says

    So I’m a little behind, but yay! I am so happy (and proud) of you for doing this blog. It is truly inspiring! Oh…and tattoos aren’t that bad. 🙂

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