Put the pedal to the….never mind.

burn all the fat

My high hopes of being in shape started when I moved to North Carolina 10 years ago.  Due to scheduling conflicts and the kids sleeping schedules, my best bet is the stationary bike in our house. We have a love/ hate relationship. It’s mainly one sided meaning it’s me, not the bike. This is its […]

Wanted: One Fun Date Night

Hubby and I love a night out. It gives us a chance to get out of the house together and have uninterrupted conversations. Bonus points for a night off from putting chicken nuggets in the oven. Only these days with the kids, it takes scheduling ….     and prep work that sadly, has nothing […]

Happy 40th birthday to me????!!!!!!!

40th birthday cake

40. The big 4 0. I am not sure when this happened. Okay it happened on my last birthday. So I guess I do know that part but I still can’t believe I am…40. 40 is that section in the stores where there are canes, graveyard signs, over the hill merchandise, and everything dreary that […]