The Wind Went Through Her

The wind pushed around her as she headed into the tunnel. Her bag grew heavier by the second and it seemed to slow her down. She trudged on. Determined and fearful at the same time, she thought back to when it all started. They had been sitting in a restaurant when the call came in. […]

Another Time. Another Place.

It was a morning that had gone by in a blur. Checking the mirror, I tried to flatten down my hair the best I could. Glancing back in the rearview, I could see the kids starting to get on each other’s nerves and I knew time was running out before my sanity was gone for […]

Unexpected Delivery

It was going to be a really long day. I can’t remember how I ended up working from open until close but such is the life of one in retail. To be honest, it didn’t bother me at all. One, I loved my job and two… there was nowhere else to be that night. Especially […]

Once Upon A Suburban Life

When we first heard there was a possibility of it coming, we got excited. Chatter began in different groups and we waited anxiously to hear the big announcement. It finally came after much speculation  and plans started to come together as the children played around us. Life would be so much easier. So much. The […]

The Reaction

We stare each other down for what seems like an eternity but in reality is all of 30 seconds. I try so hard not to look away or even blink. Something inside of me is screaming that he can do it and I wait. His answer is quiet at first and then when repeated gets […]

The Silence Of Our Words

A little girl once told her friend she was scared her family may have to move back to their country. She had no one to talk to about it. One month ago, a man my age shared that he just couldn’t trust her because of all the damage that had been done. He couldn’t share […]

Newspapers & Milkshakes

There were times he asked me to go and others when I begged for him to take me as all kids do so often.Walking next to him, I was quite small but could always see him looking out for me as we got ready to cross the busy street. He would show me how he […]

What Is Your Christmas Story?

The opening chords started to play and the voices lifted up into the night in a perfect harmony. It began with the classics because the very best is always the first place to start. We all watched as if we were in a trance as the chorus came together. Oh tidings of comfort and joy. […]

The Santa Wait

 I thought I was being smart when I planned the Santa visit for Sunday morning. You see, we live in the bible belt so I thought that almost everyone would still be at church. WRONG. They probably all went to Saturday services or something because there everyone was on line with a current 3 hour […]

In December

When she walked in, I was sitting in a chair looking like my usual stressed out self. “How’s it going”,  she asked. I didn’t answer. She already knew. “Don’t worry. Tomorrow is December and in December, everything will be good. You will see.” With a hug and a wave, she was out the door. Driving […]