As You Turn 6

You and your sister were running around like crazy laughing your heads off as you attempted to flee from bedtime. As you rubbed your tired little eyes, I told you both that was enough and off to bed you went… Your last sleep as a 5 year old. It’s been quite the year we can […]

Anything For Ten Seconds

I read a book and caught up on some of my shows. Then I cleaned the downstairs and even got the coffee all set to go for the morning. It’s 2am and I am really good at avoiding bedtime. Sometimes life gives such a day that to go to bed would mean laying there and […]

The Question

The sun began to set on a day that started with cloudy skies. Darker clouds were starting to form where the light streaked across in the distance. We hurried the kids inside because it was past bedtime and the day had been the kind of one we all wanted to disappear. The house was finally […]

Torn and Tattered

Anne gently laid the blanket over her and allowed herself to take some deep breaths. It had been a long night but sleep was finally here or so she thought as she watched the eyes slightly flutter. Making her way over to the closet, she finally pulled out that trunk that had remained a mystery […]

When The Band Aid Comes Off

Her wobbly legs were just getting used to the motion of walking when I noticed her picking up a little speed. In her excitement, she held out her arms to me. Faster and faster she moved. Then, almost as if the next few seconds passed in slow motion, her little legs went out from under. […]

The Smart Substitute for Good Teaching

HI MS. O’SULLIVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little barely 4 foot self walked like a tornado into our junior high social studies classroom as I sang the greeting out loud and clear. Mrs. O’ Sullivan was the substitute teacher that seemed to always be there lately. Truth be told, I just enjoyed the look on her face as […]

The Inspiration

There were quite a few of us nervous about our fifth grade teacher. First off, he was a man and therefore even in his normal voice, he was much louder than what we were used to. Fifth grade back when I was young was not the senior class in high school but we were getting […]

Sunburned ( A Collection of Tales)

My brother and I saw my mom get up before we could move fast enough. She was armed with the dreaded sunscreen that we both hated the smell of and even worse couldn’t stand it on us. I glared at my brother who never even burned out in the sun. He was always tan like […]

What Next?

I wake up unable to catch my breath. It was the same nightmare I have had on and off for the past two weeks. The details vary but the underlying message is there. I know what is bothering me and starting to weigh heavily on my heart. What to do next? How many of us […]

Burning Brighter

“You are even older than my daddy!!!!” “You are way older than my mommy too!” This is what happened when I shared with my first grade class how old I am turning. Gone are the days where I was so much younger than the kids parents and had yet to be a mom myself. Sometimes […]